What are the Different Paint Finishes?

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There are several different finishes of paint. The finish is the surface texture of the paint, with different textures having different properties.

Glossy Paint –
For many generations this was the predominant type of paint, used almost exclusively. It has a shiny, almost mirror like finish that reflects light smoothly; you can often see reflections in the surface.

Glossy paint is still popular for external home painting. It was once popular for interior painting in an age when creme and brown decor was the fashion.

A big advantage of gloss paint is that is resists moisture and staining; most oils and grease will wipe off. For this reason it may offer and advantage in the bathroom or kitchen, or any tiled area.

The only real disadvantage of gloss paint is that the shiny surface reflects light too well. So any imperfections on the wall are all too easy to see, and the room lights will reflect in the glossy paint.

Matt Paint –

This has been very popular for the past generation or two. It has a flat almost chalky surface that many people find pleasing. This is partly due to its light reflecting properties, which are soft and scattered. So the wall that is painted with a Matt finish looks neat and bright, not showing any uneven hot spots.

The advantage of Matt paint is that it looks neat and covers minor imperfections in the wall surface.

The disadvantage is that the Matt surface is slightly porous, so it will stain under some circumstances.

Semi-Gloss Paint

This is halfway between Gloss and Matt paint, reflecting light off a surface that is slightly shiny.

Semi-gloss is still sometimes used for window frames, skirting boards. and some trim.

Eggshell Finish Paint

This is a more recent innovation, offering the advantages of both Gloss and Matt paint. It has the softer light reflections properties of Matt paint. And it resists staining as Gloss paint will.

Eggshell has grown increasingly popular over the last generation. It looks good, reflects light smoothly and softly, and it cover up minor imperfections in the wall. It is also reasonably easy to clean.

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