How Should I Paint a Children’s Room?

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A few homes will have a consistent decor through every room. More often we paint different rooms according to their function or occupants. A living rooms is about style and comfort, a kitchen about practicality first, and hopefully some style too. A child’s room should also be painted according to the situation. This includes catering to the child’s personal taste, having a decor that is bright and happy, and also looking a practical aspects of cleaning and tidiness.

Before House Painting Sydney

We strongly advise against painting a room when there are young children in the home, or around anybody who is pregnant. The fumes from paint are quite toxic to young children. And though modern paints have lower fumes we still think it best to avoid the risk.

Have rooms painted when children are far way. Let the rooms air out for a few days before they are occupied.

Room Colours for House Painting Sydney

Some suggestions for Painting Children’s rooms:

– White walls with some colour trim. This looks open and clean. It even works when the trim is dark, like navy blue or bold red.
– Bare white or creme walls give a good neutral background for decorations, like children’s posters and drawings. Children grow quickly, so expect their taste in animals and cartoon characters to change quickly.
– Light yellow makes for a good room colour. It will not clash with other colours used for curtains or bedding.
Children’s rooms are one place where ceiling need not be white. Try sky blue, perhaps with some clouds.
– Chalk paint is good. This is literally for drawing on. You might use this on one cupboard door, or the lower half of one wall. If the children are going to draw on the walls we can embrace this.
– Aqua is a versatile colour for walls. Though you will need to keep the ceiling white for some contrast. This goes well with a nautical/sea-ship theme.
– Pink is a very calming colour. It will literally help when a child is sent to their room to settle down.

Practical aspects for House Painters Sydney

Because children will inevitably make a mess in their surroundings it helps to have a decor that is easy to clean. So when painting it helps to have eggshell or gloss paint. These paint finishes do not absorb grease as much as other paints, so they are easier to keep clean. Easy to clean floor materials will also help in children’s rooms.

House Painting Sydney

Have a room painted in the manner that make you want to spend time there. We can advise on the best colours and best finish.


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