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There is more than one attractive aesthetic for home décor. Often we have bright coloured walls. Sometimes we have solid dark wall colours. To be different we might have paintwork that is not solid. We can mix two different colours, or more often two different shades of the same colour, to great effect. This can go well with a rustic décor.
One favourite trick here is to use combination of orange, or orange and yellow. This has both a rustic look, yet remains bright, rather like a sunrise. We can achieve this effect with a rag applied to the paint before it completely dries.

Rag Painting – House Painters Epping

Choose the colour combination that you like. The two colours will end up with a semi-random, overlapping pattern. This pattern is a little like the look of a marble benchtop, but with different colours.
1. Apply the first colour with a roller. Make sure the colour is solid, covering the undercoat or previous paintwork.
2. When the wall is completely dry, use a roller to apply the second colour. Only cover an area of about 1 square meter at a time. This can be a little thin and rough. It is meant to be uneven.
3. When you have covered about 1 square meter you can apply the texture with a rag/cloth. The paint should be still wet.
4. The best cloth for this is a cheesecloth. Dampen this in water (wring out the excess water).
5. While wearing gloves, dip the cloth into the second colour paint. Squeeze out the excess paint.
6. Lay the cloth flat over the section of the wall just painted. Smooth it flat with your gloved hand. When you remove the cloth the section should now have a textured surface. Repeat this to cover all of the 1 meter painted section.
7. Repeat this process, painting 1 meter square and applying the rag, to the entire wall.
Rag painting can work well for a classic looking dining hall. It could also work well on one wall of a room, while keeping the other walls plain.

House Painters Epping

House painting can transform the look of your home’s interior or exterior. We deliver great, professional results, on time and on budget.


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