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Bathroom Painting Tips – House Painting Sydney

Bathroom Painting Tips

House painting Sydney – The Bathroom
It is an old sitcom joke that if you can have a hot shower in a nice bathroom at the end of the day then you can put up with most other things in life. We prefer to think that you can improve everything in your life, starting with your own home. Perhaps starting with the bathroom.
Or perhaps having a pleasant bathroom is just a good idea in its own right.
Of course Bathrooms have more than a few specialized furnishings, so they are a little expensive to renovate. But the results are long lasting, and it is well worth investing some thought and time into what you want.
Mood boards/feature wall
This is an easy way to living up an otherwise sterile room. Bathrooms can look good with a mural on one wall, or just some interesting tile patterns.
The taps, towel hangers and other fittings are a little pricy, but they last for years. Look at matching furnishings that suit the rest of the décor.
There will be windows and perhaps shower curtains. If the rest of the room is plain then the curtains can be fancy. If the room is already rather detailed then the curtains should be plain.
A bathmat the matches the curtains is a good idea.
No overcrowding
The bathroom is small. So too much detail will make it feel crowded. Opt for one feature or coherent style, and don’t; overdo things.
Mirrors help to give some space to a room, and are useful for grooming.
Bright lights with minimal shadows also give a sense of space.
Glossy paint is preferred for the bathroom as it is more water and stain resistant.
Tiles and paint
The tiles and paintwork should complement each other. If one is strong the other tends to be neutral. i.e.: fancy tiles with plain paintwork, or vivid coloured paint with neat white tiles.
Larger tiles can give a more open look.

House painting Sydney
Talk to us about your bathroom décor plans. We can arrange the paintwork that complements your preferred bathroom decor.

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