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Bathroom House Painting Sydney

Bathroom painting is a different to painting other rooms in the house.  Bathrooms will contain moisture both in the air and on the floor. This inevitably has an effect on the walls and paintwork.

Where most internal rooms use matt or eggshell paint the bathroom will more often use gloss finish paint. This is because the gloss finish will resist moisture and staining far better than any other paint. The water, soap and occasional grease that a bathroom is exposed to will generally be easy to clean off glossy walls. The same moisture, soap and grease would stain walls with matt paint.

The downside of glossy paint is that it is poor at hiding surface imperfections. The glossy sheen reflects light, highlighting any unevenness in the walls. When painting bathrooms the walls must be very carefully prepared.

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Bathrooms walls will use a combination of tiles and painted surfaces. As the home is redecorated over time one of both of these will change. Of course it is a much easier task to change the paint than it is to change the tiles. So new paint should be chosen to match the tile décor. Else, either the tiles or paint can be a fairly neutral colour that suits any décor.

White tiles and porcelain are a versatile option. Almost any colour will go with this white décor. Dark glossy paint provides a good contrast with white tile trim. Else, light pascal colours look very peaceful with white.

A bathroom with more elaborate stone or faux wood tiles works better with light and neutral coloured paintwork. The paint should not dominate the look of the tiles.

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Bathrooms can often have various different forms of lighting. Skylight, faux candlelight, or conventional lighting will all change the look of the room. Consider this when choosing a colour scheme.

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