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House Painting Sydney

Repainting is almost entirely about improved appearances, but not entirely. Painters will repair cracks in the walls, choose paint that protects surfaces and resists staining, and even recommend colours that work will with lighting. These factors can indirectly the upkeep of your home.

Cracks in the wall are rarely a structural issue, but they can affect ventilation and cooling. keeping the walls in good condition can help keep temperatures stable, and reduce heating/cooling costs.

Home lighting is a significant electrical cost. We can reduce this cost by using natural lighting (open the curtains) or by using LED lighting which is cheaper than old style electrical bulbs. Painting the room in a fashion than makes use of natural lighting can be a considerable help here.

The external paint decor affects how a home heats up during summer. The right paint colour means a cooler home, and less money spent on air conditioning.

Interior paint can resist mould and mildew. This is better for the home, and better for our health.

Older glossy paint and newer eggshell finish paint resist staining and resist grease. So areas in bathrooms or near ovens are easier to clean with the right paint finish.

External metalwork can be painted to resist rusting. This includes everything from plumbing to metal rails and furniture.


House Painters Sydney

The right paintwork mean a home that looks better, and which functions a little better too. Talk to us about the best approach to painting.


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