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Simple Shake or Stir?

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There have been more than a few occasions where the paint you ordered seemed to be different to what you intended. This seems very confusing, especially when the paint seemed to look right when it was in the shop. So what happened?

Quite often the paint has simply settled in the container. This means the base paint (usually plain white) and the various tints have separated. If we try to use this paint we can end up with all types of random colours, which is not what we want.

So do we shake or stir the tin of paint?

The answer is both. In the store where the paint is bought there is a machine that shakes the paint while the container is sealed. This is effective for mixing the base paint and tint. But by the time we take the paint home, and perhaps wait a day or two, the paint will have settled out again. So we need to stir the paint just before we use it.

Paint will settle and separate if it is stored for more than a week. The situation is worse when the temperature is low.

If you take the paint back to the store you bought it from they are usually willing to put it back in the machine to have it re-stirred. This is a considerable help. Consider this right before you start painting, and if it has been more than a week since the paint was bought. But you should stir the paint as well.

Stir paint for at least five minutes before using.


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The best results require the right techniques, both skills and knowledge. Call professional painters for guaranteed results.

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How To Remove Mould on Paint?

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Some homes are prone to mould, especially in bathrooms and laundries where conditions are constantly wet. This mould is unsightly, unhealthy, and will quickly ruin an otherwise good paint job.

We can help prevent mould by installing an exhaust fan, and generally keeping the place dry. But if mould still occurs then we need to promptly remove it with a few tried and true techniques that go beyond regular cleaning.


Looking for the Cause of the Mould

If we have leaking roofs or plumbing then the mould will form in the moisture from these faults. This needs to be fixed before we can be rid of the mould.

If we use a humidifier in a room then we will inadvertently encourage mould. Restrict the use of these devices to rooms that can handle higher moisture.


Tiled surfaces appear in almost all bathrooms. While these will suffer from mould, usually along the grout and joints, they can be kept clean with bleach or chlorine. These cleaning liquids can be sprayed on hard tiles and sealed grout to remove mould. The simply washed clean.

House Painters Sydney – Mould on Painted Walls

Paint suffer badly if there is mould, especially as the mould will return if is it not completely destroyed. We need to kill the spores that cause the mould as well as the mould itself.

Always use rubber gloves and a face mask when cleaning mould.

1 Spray the infected area with bleach. Wait an hour, and then scrub with a stiff brush. Clean the area of bleach with a damp cloth.
2 Then spray the area with white vinegar. Wait an hour and scrub with a stiff brush. Then clean the area with a damp cloth.
3 Spray the area with clove oil. This kills the spores that creates further mould. One tablespoon of clove oil in one litre of water will be effective. Leave this on overnight, the clean with a damp cloth.
4 Repaint the area with anti-mould paint. Or add an anti-mould additive to normal house paint.

Mould will form where the wall is colder. This includes near any draft, an exhaust vent, or along the area where there is a wooden frame behind the plaster. Air tends to condense in these areas, encouraging the mould. Make sure there is not a water leak that needs repair in any of these spaces.


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It is terrible to have fine paintwork ruined by mould. We can take preventative measures to assure long-lasting results.

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How to Paint Bathrooms

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Bathrooms are a little different to the rest of the home. Unlike most other areas they are constantly exposed to moisture, steam and soap. So we should paint and fit out the bathroom to deal with such conditions. The only other rooms to suffer this situation are the kitchen and laundry, and even then the conditions are much milder.

When considering the paint for the bathroom we must look at both the type of paint finish and the colour. Paint with a gloss or semi-gloss finish is recommended for the bathroom because it is much better at dealing with stains. Matt paint is used on most other home surfaces, because it reflects light well and covers minor imperfections. But gloss has the advantage of not absorbing grease, so stains are more likely to wipe clean.

The really wet surfaces of the bathroom inside the shower, next to the bath, will need to be tiled. No type of paint will deal with these constantly wet conditions. So tiles are the only real option. We should choose tiles and paint colours that work well together.

Tile and paint combinations can go either way. We can have bright tiles and subdued paint, or neutral tiles and bright paint. Else we might have tiles with patterns and plain neutral walls. As long as there is a contrast here the results can be good. Avoid a situation where both the tiles and paint are plain. All white decor usually does not work.

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Blue is a popular colour for bathrooms. Navy blue tiles and a white paint scheme work well together. White tiles and navy blue paint also works well. This is the type of look we often see with swimming pools. It gives the impression of clean and bright.

Black and white colour schemes are an unusual but interesting possibility. This also gives the impression of being clean, and it never clashes with the other colours we might use for the curtains, towels or mats.

Green is not dissimilar to blue, and can be used quite effectively for a bathroom if matched with white. Any curtains and mats will need to be matched to the decor.

Pink and white is used for some bathrooms. Hot pink has a different effect to pale pink, but both are possibilities.

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Painting can transform the look of a home. Have the professional painters take care of the bathroom, kitchen or the rest of the house.

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The Effect of Wall Colours

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It is perhaps the most basic question when we decided to paint or repaint a room. But as with many basic questions, we need to get it right. If we don’t like the colour of the walls, then we won’t really like the room.

Colours will affect our mood, to at least some extent. So will the overall decor of the room. We can choose this colour to create and environment that suits us.

Light Blue

We tend to associate this with cloudless skies and beach vacations. This works for living room and bedrooms, giving a calm effect.

Red and Orange.

These are vibrant, bold and stimulating. It is great for living space, Dining rooms and Sun rooms. But too much can be overbearing. Probably not ideal for children’s playrooms or bedrooms.

Try painting a single wall a bold red or orange colour, leaving the other walls and decor white.


Quite the opposite effect of red, pink will feel calm. This works for bedrooms. Always popular with girls and young children, but now increasingly used elsewhere.


This is the most clean and spacious colour, though it can be boring and sterile on its own. But its great advantage is that it provides a neutral background for decorations, like art and pictures on the wall. It will also match almost any furnishings. Go for white if you intend to periodically change the decor.


This has an outdoor, back to nature calmness. Light to medium green works well, and can feel spacious. Dark and drab green look rather old-fashioned and perhaps cramped. Try to matsh this with white walls or perhaps dark timber furniture.

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The right colour scheme can transform the interior of any home or office. Call the professionals painters for the best advice and the best painting results.

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Sanding Before House Painting

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Most interior painting is done on plaster or Gyprock walls. Given some good quality primer, and perhaps some repair work for dents and holes, this wall painting is fairly straightforward. But there are often a few other surfaces in the home that also need paint, and these require some different techniques.

Painting woodwork is different to painting interior walls. At the very least woodwork will require a different primer to Gyprock walls for the paint to adhere properly. And if the woodwork is being repainted the surface will probably need to be sanded.

Sanding will give woodwork a flat surface that is slightly rough, ideal for repainting. This is best done with electric sanding equipment, as sanding by hand is labour-intensive and time-consuming.

There are a few different types of electric sander available, all of which suit different purposes.

Orbital Sanders

These are available in several sizes, designed for larger surfaces like timber floors or moderate sized surfaces like doors and tabletops. A medium-sized orbital sander is sometimes used in house painting when we want to prepare a door or perhaps a few timber stairs. Occasionally we might use a large orbital sander for a floor, but this is rare.

Detail Sanders.

These are small hand held sanders that are ideal for window frames, doors, or perhaps a banister and staircase. They remove old paint quite quickly, and can be used to flatten out repairs made on timber.

Use a detail sander with a vacuum function that collects the sawdust/old paint in a bag; this greatly reduces the dust produced by sanding. We need to be rid of this dust before painting as it can easily get into new paint and completely ruin the finish.

Sanding Timber

If the surface is uneven we should use a sander with 80 grit sandpaper to get the surface level. Then we should use a finer sandpaper, say 120 grit, to give a slightly rough surface for the new paint to adhere to.

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Preparation make all the difference for House painting. Sanding and primer give an ideal surface for new paint work on our homes.

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Painting Mistakes To Avoid

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Any experienced builder or painter will tell you that planning and preperation are important. If we don’t prepare the room correctly, if we don’t have the right materials, we probably end up with disappointing results. Good preperation is half the job.
If we do some research we can prepare a painting job properly, and avoid almost all mistakes. This ends up being a better method for achieving the best results.

Some Common Mistakes to Avoid

Rushing or avoiding Preperation Time – We might be enthusiastic adn really want to see that frechly painted room. But we will only get good results if we paint on clean and neatly repaired walls.
Carefully fill any dents or cracks in the wall with filler/putty. Then sand the surface flat. It will take a day or two for the filling compound to set.
Then clean the walls with sugar soap, to remove any grease. This allows the paint to bond correctly to the walls. Any areas with stubborn grease, perhaps near a stove or fireplace, or sticky residue, can be cleaned with acetone or De-Solve-It.
If there are stains on the wall, then paint over them with primer, so they don’t show through the final paint.
Complete vacuum the walls just before you paint, to remove any dust.
Good Quality Paint – Find a paint that has the right sheen (Matt or Eggshell for most walls, perhaps Gloss for trim). And look for something that is stain resistant.
Brand name paints will give better results. This means a paint job that last for years with little issue.
Good Brushes and Rollers – The best paint will be ruined if we don’t have a decent brush. Invest in at least one good brush, which will last for years if we clean it properly.
Tape the Edges – Use painters tape to mask the edges of the walls. Do this in advance. Use a scrapper or putty knife to flatten the tape against the wall surface, and remove any air bubbles. This will give much neater edges to the paint.
Primer – A new wall will need a primer, or the paint will soak into the surface. It is often a good idea to apply primer to a previously painted wall. A wall that has Matt/Eggshell paint can be repainted with no difficulty, but a wall that is already covered with glossy paint will need either primer or a slightly roughened surface as new paint will not bond to a smooth glossy finish.
Tinted primer is a good option. The primer is tinted to almost match the final colour.

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Professionals have the experience, knowledge and skills to get the best paint results in the best time possible.

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How to Paint Doors

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If we want to paint doors then we need a slightly different approach; doors are little different to interior walls.

Painting Tools
Most doors need some preparation before painting.
– Sandpaper with a sanding block
– Putty/Wood Filler
– Protective Drop Cloth
– Smaller Paintbrush
– Masking Tape and knife.
– Perhaps a Mini Roller with a Mini Roller tray

Door Painting Method:
– Remove the doorknob if possible. It is difficult to paint around the doorknob. remove anything else from the surface of the door.
– Consider taking the door off the hinges and painting it outside. This will make the process easier, and prevent paint fumes inside.
– Tape over the hinges, and use a knife to trim the edges around the hinge.
– Check the door for dents and scratches. Fill in any large dents, and then sand the surface smooth. Use a sanding block to keep the surface as flat as possible. Any imperfections will show through to the final paint.
– Then sand the entire door with 220 grit sandpaper. This gives a slightly rough surface for the paint to adhere to.
– Vacuum the door before painting.
– Paint the inside edge first, where the hinges are. Use a brush.
– Then use a roller to paint the main body of the door. You will probably need to wait for the paint to dry if you want to do the door’s other side.
– If the door has decorations, like paneling, this will require some extra work. Wait till the first paint is dry, then paint the panels/decor. Use masking tape to cover the areas that should not be painted.
– Only reattach the door when is is dry.
Doors often work well with glossy paint, which resists fingerprints and other marks.

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Call the professional Sydney painters for the best results. We advise on the right decor, and finish in the best possible time.

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What Goes With Re-Painting Rooms?

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We might repaint a room to restore its original appearance, or repaint in order to give it a whole new appearance. If we are going for something new, then there is no need to limit ourselves to just new paint. We can change other elements of room too. Anything goes as long as all the elements fit together coherently.

These are not expensive; it is not difficult to make curtains from inexpensive plain cloth. As long as the colour suits the room the curtains, and the overall affect, will look fine.
Some rooms use two sets of curtains, a light translucent set to let light in, and a heavy set to block light out. The light set should be a neutral colour like white or creme.
UV window film
This does not really alter the appearance of the room, but it prevents fading of the floor and furnishings. The window film keep the harmful UV and infrared light out, leaving the room cooler and undamaged by the Sun.
Rugs and Mats
While it is a bit expensive to replace the floor it is not difficult to add a rug to the existing floor. Find a rug that matches the paint and curtains.
Some people prefer blinds to curtains or drapes. They are certainly capable of providing the same privacy, and allowing or blocking light as necessary. Old style blinds were neutral in colour, so they matched most room decors. Newer blinds can be custom ordered to complement the room decor.
Fly Screens
Not really a fashion item, but fly screens allow light and air into the room while keeping insects outdoors. This can make for a pleasant room in Summertime.
A room with poor lighting will never look as good as it should. The lighting in any room should be positioned to avoid obvious shadows. And consider changing the type of lighting (daylight, candle light, red tint…etc.) to suit the room.

There will be limits to what can be changed with strata apartments, especially rented strata. But anything non-permanent should be acceptable. So curtains, rugs, light bulbs and other furnishings can be changed.

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There is always a way to make an old room look better. Consider repainting to enhance the space you live in.

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Some House Painting Style Suggestions?

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Painting techniques are one thing, and certainly something we want to get right. But choosing the right colour scheme, the right places to highlight, the way to match the colours to the surroundings … these are artistic choices that make or break the effectiveness of the project. We want to make the right choice so our home looks its best.

Exterior House Painting Sydney

– Try highlighting any architectural feature. You can use a bold version of the colour that were used for the main walls, or a contrasting colour. dark and light shades of the same colour, or contrasting colours.
– Use the colours of the landscape, the driveway, the rockery, the garden plants, as a guide to choosing the house colours. The house can be an integrated part of the landscape, or it can stand out.
– Fences, sheds, gazebos, lawn furnishings … these are part of the overall scheme that includes you home. These can also be painted and colour coordinated to match the home.

Interior House Painting Sydney

– Interior colours should work with the exterior colours. when you step inside it should be a seamless transition from the outside.
Dark walls with light trim on door frames, windowsills and edges make a room feel larger. Bright light and lighter floors also help to make the room feel open.
– Light walls and dark trim can make a room feel cozy.
Always look at how wall colour works with floor colour. We can change floor colour with carpets or large rugs.
– Curtains and blinds are part of the decor. Either match the curtains and blinds colour to suit the new paint scheme, or stick to neutral white on windows so as not to clash with the wall colour.
Bedrooms painted blue look calm. Pink looks warm and energetic. Green gives the impression of renewal and healing.
– Living rooms can be red or yellow for energy, or Blue or gray for peacefulness.
Bathrooms should be relaxing. Try blue trim in a white room, or lavender.

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We consult on colour scheme, and use the right techniques to get the best paint results.

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Achieving Better House Painting Results, Sydney

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Truly excellent interior painting requires considerable skill and experience. So we should leave this to the professionals. But even if we don’t have years of experience we can benefit from the advice who do have that experience.

Better Interior House Painting Sydney

– Wait for dry weather, or at least dry conditions inside the building. This helps the paint dry more rapidly.
The issue is dry (lack of humidity) rather than hot. Cool but dry conditions are ideal.
– Visually inspect walls for cracks, flaking painting, or any area that appears rough. Deal with these by sanding, scrapping and by filling in gaps. You need a perfectly flat dry surface for decent painting.
– Wash the walls. Start by vacuuming with a soft brush attachment, to remove dust. Then use sugar soap to remove light oil and grease. – If there are heavy grease spots, perhaps near a stove or fireplace, then clean these with strong solvents like De-Solve-It or Acetone.
– Buy High quality brushes, rollers and painters tape. These will hold paint well so they make the job easier, and quicker. you will also get better results.
– Cover anything that needs to be protected from paint. Use drop-sheets and painters tape. Remember to cover electrical fittings, or remove them if possible.
– Use tinted primer. The tint should be similar to the final colour. This prevents any marks on the wall from showing through the paint. It is easier and cheaper to use tinted primer than to give a second coat of paint.
– Get a close estimate on the amount of the paint you will need to cover the walls. A hardware store should be able to help here. You should have a small amount of leftover paint – store this in a small glass airtight container. It will be useful for repairs.
– Start by cutting in the edges with a brush. Then use a roller to paint the rest of the walls, starting at the top.

House Painting Sydney

Good paintwork can renovate an unattractive room, and bring any space closer to its potential. Call the professionals for the best results.

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Why is Exterior Painting Different?

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Most home painting is done on the interior. But some homes, usually timber homes, have their exterior painted as well. This exterior painting is quite different to the painting done inside. The type of paint used is different, the painting techniques are different, and the exterior painting is needed to help maintain the home, because the home exterior is exposed to the outside weather.

Differences with Exterior House Painting

– Exterior painting must protect the surface that it covers. This means protecting the timber of the house, or the iron railing. An unpainted surface will only last a few years.
– The exterior paint materials are different, designed to withstand the heat of the sun and rainy weather for several years. The type of paint used for interior surfaces will not last very long outside.
– Exterior paint will resist fading in the Sun and Heat
Exterior paint will have water proof qualities to protect timber.
Some exterior paint for metal will have rust protection properties.
– Exterior paints, with their matching undercoats, are designed to bond to timber or metal. Interior paint will only bond to drywall, or indoor timbers with a matching undercoat.
– Exterior paints release more VOC than interior paint. This is acceptable outdoors, but not good indoors where the fumes cannot easily dispel.

Advice for Exterior House Painting Sydney

– Exterior paint is expensive to buy, but it lasts for a while, so it is not too expensive in the long term. Don’t be tempted by cheaper paint, it will not last. Shop around for a name brand.
– Consider the surroundings of your home when choosing the paint colours. Some elements in the surroundings are permanent, like paths, brickwork, swimming pool, trees ..etc. These usually stay the same colour. Choose paint colours for the home that suit the permanent elements of the surrounds.
– Remember that gutters, railing, fences can be painted. you might choose to paint these a colour that suits the home.
– The trim of the home, the window frames, he door frames, the edges of walls, can be painted a different colour shade to the rest of the home. Consider a darker shade of the colour used for the rest of the walls. You might match this colour to suit the fences and railings.

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Exterior Home painting is important for both the appearance and long term maintenance. Have the painting done by Professionals.

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Why Consider Neutral Shades for Interior Painting?

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The choice of interior wall colour is perhaps the first thing we should consider when we look at home decor.

Neutral colours can add a sophistication to a room. Many people have seen this with beige, but there are other neutral colours as well. And by their very nature (neutral) they provide a versatile background for many other features of the decor. So many things will go with beige.

Elephant’s Breath – this is a warm mid gray tone, though it varies with the lighting. It can look almost lilac or slightly beige in natural light, depending if the room window is towards the morning Sun. Even as grey it is warm and pleasant.

Grey-Beige – Some call this a pewter colour. It has a grey that is softened by brown undertones. This goes particularity well with dark wood and white trim.

Doeskin / Mauve-Taupe – This is still neutral, but it has depth. It certainly feels inviting, and is popular with bedrooms. This goes well with cream, gray and dark brown.

Mocha Foam – This has more presence than a light beige or off-white colour, adding some dimension without being dark or oppressive. It goes well with earthy colours like green, or plain white and cream.

Country Whitewash – While plain white can feel a little sterile an off-white adds a warm subtle undertone to a room. This pairs with almost any colour.

Swirling Smoke – A crisp light gray option which incorporates earthy yellow, green and mahogany. It is a very calming, good for a minimalist, open room.

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Have your home bought to its potential with professional house painting. We consult on colour and decor, and deliver professional results in minimal time.