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Old Paint – House Painters Sydney

House Painting Sydney

Many of us have a few old cans of paint in the garage or garden shed. these are often left over from when the house has last painted. These can be handy to have if we have to paint over a stain. But paint will have an expiry date. And even if the paint hasn’t expired there maybe problems if we try to use it.

Paint will start to dry out if there is any air in the can. This might mean the paint becomes thick, which makes it hard to use. Or it might mean the paint becomes solid, which means it cannot be used at all.

If the old paint is thick we can often use some thinning agent to restore it. house paint may be thinned out with clean water. Mineral paints can be thinned out with turps or paint thinner.

Some paint, especially in large tubs, may have dust on them, or dust on the surface. else, the some of the paint may may have partially died out, making it gritty. This paint might still be salvageable with some filtering.

Hardware stores have paint filter bags that can be used to remove grit and many contaminants from paint. These can only be used once, but they are quite cheap. And they are fine if you just need to get some clean paint to touch up the walls.

An often overlooked problem is that the paint already on the walls may have faded over time. So any further paint that we apply may not quite match the faded colour. This is far less of a problem with modern interior paint, which largely resists fading. But it may be noticeable on exterior paint.

Some thickened paint can be resurrected with thinner
Paint can be put through a strainer bad to remove grit.
It is often best to buy some new paint. The old can will indicate the brand and colour of the new paint.
Alternately, buy a sample pot of paint for touch-up work.
Old paint must be disposed of correctly. Ask the local council or the hardware store about the correct way to dispose of paint in your area.


Paint that is well sealed may last up to ten years if stored in cool, dry conditions. after this it is probably unusable. It is best to buy new paint rather than risk ruining your walls with a poor pigment that is off colour or gritty.


House Painters Sydney

If the interior walls are showing signs of wear then consider a complete repaint. A professional will get results that look great for years to come.


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Roller Painting

House Painters Sydney

Most home interiors are painted with a roller, though a brush is probably used for the corners. Rollers are popular for this type of painting because they can cover large flat surfaces quite quickly and because they give a pleasant semi-textured finish.


Roller painting, like any painting, requires some skill. But it is not too difficult to get reasonable results if we know the right procedure.

Some terms:

Roller cage (aka Roller frame) – This is the metal roller frame attached to a handle, one of the most basic tool for roller painting. the width of the cage determines which sized roller you can use.

The Tray – This holds the paint for roller painting. Ideally the tray should be slightly wider than roller cage. A tray is necessary because a roller is too big to be put inside a paint can. The tray will have ridges along the surface, and slope toward one end.

The Nap – This is depth of the painting surface on a roller. A thicker nap (20 mm) hold more paint. A thinner nap (5 mm) hold less paint but gives a much smoother finish. Most interior Matt painting on walls uses a medium 9mm nap. Only gloss paint requires 5mm. Thick naps are used for brickwork.



  • The wall you are painting should be cleaned and prepared. Apply undercoat is required.
  • Many painters like to use a brush to do the edges of the walls first, then use the roller when the brush paint is dry.
  • Pour the paint into the tray. It will need to be on a flat surface. You will need to estimate the right amount, though you can always add a little more if you start to run low. The tray should never be more than half full, probably less than that.
  • If you are using water based paint you should wash the roller before hand, and start using it while it is still damp. Remove any loose fibers form the roller.
  • Roll the roller in the tray till it is fully covered with paint, the run it across the rides of the tray to remove excess paint.
  • Apply the roller to the wall, with light pressure. Start at waist level, and paint in a Zig-Zag pattern. It is fine to go over the same area while the paint it still wet.
  • Return to the tray and apply more paint to the roller as required.
  • Cover the entire wall with the roller. Do section of about 1 meter square. Do not paint over an area once the paint starts to dry.
  • When finished. Wash the roller and tray with water.
  • A second coat after the first coat has dried may be necessary for the best results.


Spray Painting - House Painting Sydney

Spray Painting – House Painting Sydney

House Painting Sydney

Almost all interior room paint is done with a brush and roller. But spray painting is used for some smaller items, and for some larger furnishings. It is a useful method in some situations, giving a smooth finish if applied with some basic skills.

Spray painting might be used for furniture, musical instruments, shelves, railings, frames, wicker chairs, baskets, metal frames and it can also be used on the back of glass to create a mirror.

Professionals and some serious hobbyists will use an air gun and compressor for spray painting, but this is expensive equipment. This is the type of spray painting used for cars and grand pianos. Most home spray painting uses aerosol cans, which are effective for small projects.

Aerosol spray paint will work well for many surfaces, as long as that surface is well prepared and the right primer is used. It is common to paint timber, metal, plastic, and also ceramics and glass under some circumstances.

Spray painting small projects.

Spray paint will give off fumes, more than any other paints. It is important to always use a face mask. We also recommend eye protection. Always paint in a well ventilated area- outdoors if possible.

Completely clean the area to be painted. Wipe down the surface with a rag and solvent.
If necessary, sand the surface flat to remove any unevenness.
Use a primer on the surface to get the best results. There are primers specifically for timber, metal or other surfaces.
Cover any area that is not to be painted with masking tape or painters tape.
Shake the spray can for a complete minute just before use.
Spray the surface with light stokes, with the can held at least 20cm from the surface. each pass should slightly overlap the previous pass. Apply a thin coat of paint because thick coats tend to run and drip.
Wait till the paint it touch dry (the drying time should be on the product), and then apply a second coat. if necessary, add a third coat when the second coat is touch dry.
After finishing each coat you should clean the spray nozzle by holding the can upside down and spraying till only air comes out.
When the surface is dry you might apply a clear protective coat. Use the same spray procedure. A clear glassy coat often works best if the paint underneath has a Matt finish.

House Painting Sydney

Spray painting is fine for many items in the home which are part of the decor. Most internal painting for walls and ceiling is done with traditional brush and roller techniques.



Strata painting Sydney

What you should ask for Strata Painting

Strata Painting Sydney

It is a wise decision and easier to paint a building before the ceiling edges and cornicing’s are installed. If these fixtures are put on after the walls are painted they cover all the joints at the ceiling and floor.

Owners of apartments and strata complexes must arrange for painting work before the building has its final cornicing installed. This both makes the painting easier and allows for more painting alternatives.

Owners of apartments and strata complexes love to chat about strata painting Sydney. Why not, painting is a delicate job and if done properly it will contribute much to the betterment of every apartment and complex.

Home and Strata Painting Sydney

Sit down and discuss over coffee with the painting experts pertaining to what is best for your home or strata complex. Eggshell finish works well on most rooms, where as kitchens and bathrooms may benefit from gloss paint and its added stain resistance.

We collaborate closely with strata managers, property managers, owner’s corporations and executive committees to produce outstanding results and we make sure minimal distractions concerning tenants and residents’ schedule. We have many, many years of experience painting strata buildings whether they are large and small. This includes exteriors and interiors, foyers, stairwells and common areas.

Our strata painters are experts, professionals, and efficient. They can tailor a programmed maintenance schedule to keep your building well maintained year-round. We have all the equipment to paint high-rise buildings including swing stages, scaffolds and boom lifts. We are also experts at removing graffiti if required

You should hire a professional to paint your house

Interior House Painters Sydney
Over the past few generations paint for interior walls has tended to have three basic finishes, though other types of finishes have appeared on the market more recently.

Gloss House Painting Sydney
This was once the most common type of paint finish, and it is still very common for outdoor use. Gloss paint has a shiny finish that is quite good for repelling water and other moisture. This makes gloss paint quite stain resistant, and for many years it was the only choice for situations prone to staining.
The downside to gloss paint is that it will show any imperfections in the underlying surface, so the walls have to be merticulosly prepared before painting.

Semi-gloss Paint
This is literally a less shiny version of gloss paint. It is almost as water and stain resistant as full gloss paint while still being better at covering up minor surface imperfections. Many home owners considered this a fairly good compromise. It also had less of a chemical smell when frying.

Matt internal House Painting Sydney
This was the third paint option, and probably the most popular for indoor painting over the last two generations. Matt paint has a pleasant chalky texture that does not directly reflect the light, so it covers up minor surface imperfections. Its only reals disadvantage is that is isn’t nearly as stain resistant as gloss paint.

Eggshell paint
This is a more recent development in paint and considered the best option in most interior applications. Eggshell finish has a very light sheen. This light shine cover up surface imperfections almost as well as Matt or flat paint, yet the paint itself is almost as stain resistant as full gloss paint. As an added bonus these modern paints tend to be quite environmentally friendly.

Home and Strata Painting Sydney
Check with the painting experts when it comes to what is best for your home. Eggshell finish works well on most room, though kitchens and bathrooms may benefit from gloss paint and its added stain resistance


House Painters Sydney

No painting job too small

House Painting Sydney

With extensive experience we know what to do to make you happy and satisfied.
Big or small project, our intense attention to detail is how we ensure that you stay satisfied. In that way, we can show you our work’s great quality.

We do more than just paint; we offer preparation work before doing the painting job (filing in gaps, patching, sanding, covering, and moulding.)

We at Oppa Painting are fully insured with Public Liability Policy and Workers Compensation Policy.

We provide Painting Services all over Sydney; we don’t have no exceptions with regard sizes and distance. With Oppa Painting, you’ll get quality painting services no one can’t beat. We offer professionalism and care on every work we provide.

If you’re considering working with us, please take a look at our before and after photos (those are proof of the work we’ve done over the past years) prior to booking another Painter in Sydney.

Even if your house décor is pretty and attractive if your walls are dull or even drab, it will badly affect the overall look of your space. Let’s be factual, a beautiful home is a lot about exhibiting the best colours, finishes, and textures on your house walls. Although many homeowners attempt DIY paint jobs in the Sydney area, we can’t say it’s as easy endeavour. Actually, it can be extremely messy and may take a lot of time and effort. Exactly the reason why you should hire our experts and professional painters at — I’ll say it again — Oppa Painting.

House Painting Sydney

We have significant experience in this sphere and we also make sure we use the best materials and provide premium customer service. We are a sincere and honest company that provides specialized and customized painting in Sydney. On top of all we have mentioned, we have prices that will make you smile.


House painting Sydney

Bathroom Painting Tips – House Painting Sydney

Bathroom Painting Tips

House painting Sydney – The Bathroom
It is an old sitcom joke that if you can have a hot shower in a nice bathroom at the end of the day then you can put up with most other things in life. We prefer to think that you can improve everything in your life, starting with your own home. Perhaps starting with the bathroom.
Or perhaps having a pleasant bathroom is just a good idea in its own right.
Of course Bathrooms have more than a few specialized furnishings, so they are a little expensive to renovate. But the results are long lasting, and it is well worth investing some thought and time into what you want.
Mood boards/feature wall
This is an easy way to living up an otherwise sterile room. Bathrooms can look good with a mural on one wall, or just some interesting tile patterns.
The taps, towel hangers and other fittings are a little pricy, but they last for years. Look at matching furnishings that suit the rest of the décor.
There will be windows and perhaps shower curtains. If the rest of the room is plain then the curtains can be fancy. If the room is already rather detailed then the curtains should be plain.
A bathmat the matches the curtains is a good idea.
No overcrowding
The bathroom is small. So too much detail will make it feel crowded. Opt for one feature or coherent style, and don’t; overdo things.
Mirrors help to give some space to a room, and are useful for grooming.
Bright lights with minimal shadows also give a sense of space.
Glossy paint is preferred for the bathroom as it is more water and stain resistant.
Tiles and paint
The tiles and paintwork should complement each other. If one is strong the other tends to be neutral. i.e.: fancy tiles with plain paintwork, or vivid coloured paint with neat white tiles.
Larger tiles can give a more open look.

House painting Sydney
Talk to us about your bathroom décor plans. We can arrange the paintwork that complements your preferred bathroom decor.

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OPPA House Painting Sydney

House Painters Sydney

Do you want to get in touch with the best house painters in Sydney? Contact Oppa Painting. By the way, house painters Sydney is a common and essential subject concerning painting your house in case you’re aiming to repaint or renovate you place.

We can all agree, we spend most of our time in our homes, and we like to stay in clean and tidy surroundings. The paint scheme applied in every corner is a significant part of these surroundings. The paint colour scheme that fits our place can add up to both the condition we live in, and the ultimate value of our house. We don’t have mention it, but, we will feel more comfy if we live in a good looking home.

House Painting Sydney

Some DIYers will try to do the painting themselves (at their own risk). But, remember painting a home isn’t a simple endeavor. Actually, it’s a huge project. Really… it’s major. Even a small house will take more than 14 days of great effort if done by a single individual. Fitting this in with your regular work schedule translates to months of working on painting before it’s finished. The fact of the matter is the results are guaranteed that they will be what you have expected. Just to remind you, we’re talking about house painters Sydney.

House Painters Sydney

Why you need to hire a professional painter

House painters Sydney is a good topic to chatter about if you’re a house owner or a business office manager.

Painting or renovating your house is not a thing you do very often. However, when you have made up your mind, that means you need professionals to do it for you unless you are a professional painter yourself.

This is where only professional painters can deliver what you envisioned to have, a perfect finishing. However, before choosing a painting company, you must know some important info ‘bout them just to be sure that your space is in really safe hands.

This content will discuss one question you should ask yourself so you can be sure you’re going with a painter you can trust.

Are they experienced?

Were not saying that new kids on the block are not competent but more often than not your best choice is to find a residential or commercial painter that has a good reputation in the industry. Someone who has been around for a while. Even if the company is new, it’s unlikely that it’ll employ an inexperienced painting team — but it always pays to ask about what they have done or what have they accomplished and learn a little about what the company has worked on in the past. You might want to check out professional painters portfolio or even ask for testimonials. By the way, house painters Sydney is a necessary topic to talk about if you’re a house owner or a business office manager.

House Painting Sydney

Get the best paint job for your house

House painting Sydney is a topic that house owners love to talk about. And why not? If you want to stay in a comfortable house and enjoy staying there while working on home works or simply kicking back with your family, then it’s an important topic to talk about.

What if you have decided to hire a Painting Contractor. Some home improvement projects demand the work of professionals. There are only a few home owners I can think of who are capable of pouring a foundation, install their own HVAC, or building an additional room. However, other home projects, as painting just seem to be asking to be a do-it-yourself project. After all, every one is able to hold a brush and dabbing into paint, and applying it on walls, right? Many times that’s a wrong idea. However, painting is more difficult than it seems. So, it’s with great pleasure that many DIY home painters decide that it’s now time to employ a team of professional house painters to take on the job. Let’s check what painting contractors do, how do we hire ‘em, and how do we negotiate for the best price possible.

House painting Sydney area is quite an enjoyable project when you do it with a team of experts like the team of Oppa Painting. They will not only see to it that your house will look attractive when they are done, they will also make sure that all your belongings are safe and sound while painting.

Painting Terms

Painting Terms

Painting Terms

House Painting Sydney
There are a lot of details and a lot of technical terms behind any profession. If we want to go anywhere beyond the most basic level then we should familiarize ourselves. Familiarizing ourselves with painting terms will show us new possibilities beyond plain matt plain on our bedroom walls.

Paint Finish:

        Gloss level: High gloss – Super shiny paint, which is stain resistant and easy to clean

        Matt –A smooth flat finish, traditionally popular for the last generation, which hides imperfections.

        Semi-gloss – between matt and high gloss

        Eggshell – a matt finish that is also easy to clean. Fast becoming the most popular choice.


Paint types: 

         Acrylic – Water based paint (easy to clean up afterwards) that is quick drying. Used I most interior painting.

         Enamel – A hard, smooth finish paint. Previously these were oil based, but water based varieties are now possible.

         Ceiling white – A matt paint that hides imperfections. A thicker formula that prevents dripping from the ceiling.



        Undercoat– this gives a wall the right surface for the paint to bind properly. Different undercoats are used for plaster, gyprock, wood, metal, concrete…etc.

        Binder – an undercoat used for powdery surfaces.

        Sealer – an undercoat for porous surfaces. These prevent the final paint from soaking into the surface

        Stain blocker – used to cover any areas damaged by water, mould, smoke or other stains, this prevent the stain from showing through the final paint.



       Brushes: Most paintwork uses a brush for at least part of the surface. Even with roller painting a brush is used for the edges. Brushes come in different sizes and with straight or angled bristles.
       Rollers – uses for painting large surfaces like walls. The depth of the roller material (called the nap) affects the finish and the amount of paint held. Short nap is better for glossy finishes.
        Paint pad – a flat painting surface on a handle, used for edges on interior painting walls.


House Painters Sydney
The home looks best with good décor. And décor starts with quality paintwork. Home painting is a large project, so let professionals achieve the best results.


more than walls house painting

More than Wall House Painting Sydney

More than Wall House Painting Sydney

We can drastically alter the look of our homes interior without resorting to major renovations. Repainting is one obvious way to change and improve the look of a room. But there is more than wall house painting. Changing other elements of the room can make a considerable improvement. All potential changes should be considered before deciding on any paintwork because we want all the elements of a room to combine in a coherent manner.

It is easy to change the curtains. Some people change them for summer and winter. And it is not too difficult to put up a curtain rod if there is not one there already.
The curtains should go well with the wall and floor colour. If in doubt, cream and off white are unobtrusive and go with almost any décor.

These require some work to install, but they are useful for letting the right amount of light, in, or block out the light altogether.
Wooden shutters can be painted to suit the room.

This is a more modern trend. Decals can be printed on home computer systems and used to neatly decorate a wall. Anything from neat black silhouettes to colourful cartoon images can work will for chic stylish main rooms or children’s bedrooms.

Adhesive tiles
Stick on tiles are super easy to install and work well for room trim or for larger areas on kitchens.

Light Shades
Most of us can’t really justify a chandelier, but colourful lamp shades and light coverings are inexpensive yet quite effective.

Just changing the type of lightbulb will have an effect on a room. Lightbulbs can produce anything from warm candles to vivid daylight. LED lights are cheaper to run and quite versatile.

Rugs and Mats
It is easy to add a floorcovering to a hard floor. It changes the colour effect of a room, and works well in winter.

Strata Painting Sydney
Strata apartments can be substantially redecorated without any permanent renovations. Curtains, lightshades, lightbulbs, wall decals, furniture can be added quite easily. And of course paintwork and shutters are only a minor renovations that can be easily added or removed.

Wall House Painting Sydney
Consider the type of look you want for your room. Paintwork is a primary part of this, but we should consider all the elements of a room before deciding on the paint colour, so everything can work coherently.