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Bathroom Painting Tips – House Painting Sydney

Bathroom Painting Tips

House painting Sydney – The Bathroom
It is an old sitcom joke that if you can have a hot shower in a nice bathroom at the end of the day then you can put up with most other things in life. We prefer to think that you can improve everything in your life, starting with your own home. Perhaps starting with the bathroom.
Or perhaps having a pleasant bathroom is just a good idea in its own right.
Of course Bathrooms have more than a few specialized furnishings, so they are a little expensive to renovate. But the results are long lasting, and it is well worth investing some thought and time into what you want.
Mood boards/feature wall
This is an easy way to living up an otherwise sterile room. Bathrooms can look good with a mural on one wall, or just some interesting tile patterns.
The taps, towel hangers and other fittings are a little pricy, but they last for years. Look at matching furnishings that suit the rest of the décor.
There will be windows and perhaps shower curtains. If the rest of the room is plain then the curtains can be fancy. If the room is already rather detailed then the curtains should be plain.
A bathmat the matches the curtains is a good idea.
No overcrowding
The bathroom is small. So too much detail will make it feel crowded. Opt for one feature or coherent style, and don’t; overdo things.
Mirrors help to give some space to a room, and are useful for grooming.
Bright lights with minimal shadows also give a sense of space.
Glossy paint is preferred for the bathroom as it is more water and stain resistant.
Tiles and paint
The tiles and paintwork should complement each other. If one is strong the other tends to be neutral. i.e.: fancy tiles with plain paintwork, or vivid coloured paint with neat white tiles.
Larger tiles can give a more open look.

House painting Sydney
Talk to us about your bathroom décor plans. We can arrange the paintwork that complements your preferred bathroom decor.

house painters Sydney

OPPA House Painting Sydney

House Painters Sydney

Do you want to get in touch with the best house painters in Sydney? Contact Oppa Painting. By the way, house painters Sydney is a common and essential subject concerning painting your house in case you’re aiming to repaint or renovate you place.

We can all agree, we spend most of our time in our homes, and we like to stay in clean and tidy surroundings. The paint scheme applied in every corner is a significant part of these surroundings. The paint colour scheme that fits our place can add up to both the condition we live in, and the ultimate value of our house. We don’t have mention it, but, we will feel more comfy if we live in a good looking home.

House Painting Sydney

Some DIYers will try to do the painting themselves (at their own risk). But, remember painting a home isn’t a simple endeavor. Actually, it’s a huge project. Really… it’s major. Even a small house will take more than 14 days of great effort if done by a single individual. Fitting this in with your regular work schedule translates to months of working on painting before it’s finished. The fact of the matter is the results are guaranteed that they will be what you have expected. Just to remind you, we’re talking about house painters Sydney.

House Painters Sydney

Why you need to hire a professional painter

House painters Sydney is a good topic to chatter about if you’re a house owner or a business office manager.

Painting or renovating your house is not a thing you do very often. However, when you have made up your mind, that means you need professionals to do it for you unless you are a professional painter yourself.

This is where only professional painters can deliver what you envisioned to have, a perfect finishing. However, before choosing a painting company, you must know some important info ‘bout them just to be sure that your space is in really safe hands.

This content will discuss one question you should ask yourself so you can be sure you’re going with a painter you can trust.

Are they experienced?

Were not saying that new kids on the block are not competent but more often than not your best choice is to find a residential or commercial painter that has a good reputation in the industry. Someone who has been around for a while. Even if the company is new, it’s unlikely that it’ll employ an inexperienced painting team — but it always pays to ask about what they have done or what have they accomplished and learn a little about what the company has worked on in the past. You might want to check out professional painters portfolio or even ask for testimonials. By the way, house painters Sydney is a necessary topic to talk about if you’re a house owner or a business office manager.

House Painting Sydney

Get the best paint job for your house

House painting Sydney is a topic that house owners love to talk about. And why not? If you want to stay in a comfortable house and enjoy staying there while working on home works or simply kicking back with your family, then it’s an important topic to talk about.

What if you have decided to hire a Painting Contractor. Some home improvement projects demand the work of professionals. There are only a few home owners I can think of who are capable of pouring a foundation, install their own HVAC, or building an additional room. However, other home projects, as painting just seem to be asking to be a do-it-yourself project. After all, every one is able to hold a brush and dabbing into paint, and applying it on walls, right? Many times that’s a wrong idea. However, painting is more difficult than it seems. So, it’s with great pleasure that many DIY home painters decide that it’s now time to employ a team of professional house painters to take on the job. Let’s check what painting contractors do, how do we hire ‘em, and how do we negotiate for the best price possible.

House painting Sydney area is quite an enjoyable project when you do it with a team of experts like the team of Oppa Painting. They will not only see to it that your house will look attractive when they are done, they will also make sure that all your belongings are safe and sound while painting.

Painting Terms

Painting Terms

Painting Terms

House Painting Sydney
There are a lot of details and a lot of technical terms behind any profession. If we want to go anywhere beyond the most basic level then we should familiarize ourselves. Familiarizing ourselves with painting terms will show us new possibilities beyond plain matt plain on our bedroom walls.

Paint Finish:

        Gloss level: High gloss – Super shiny paint, which is stain resistant and easy to clean

        Matt –A smooth flat finish, traditionally popular for the last generation, which hides imperfections.

        Semi-gloss – between matt and high gloss

        Eggshell – a matt finish that is also easy to clean. Fast becoming the most popular choice.


Paint types: 

         Acrylic – Water based paint (easy to clean up afterwards) that is quick drying. Used I most interior painting.

         Enamel – A hard, smooth finish paint. Previously these were oil based, but water based varieties are now possible.

         Ceiling white – A matt paint that hides imperfections. A thicker formula that prevents dripping from the ceiling.



        Undercoat– this gives a wall the right surface for the paint to bind properly. Different undercoats are used for plaster, gyprock, wood, metal, concrete…etc.

        Binder – an undercoat used for powdery surfaces.

        Sealer – an undercoat for porous surfaces. These prevent the final paint from soaking into the surface

        Stain blocker – used to cover any areas damaged by water, mould, smoke or other stains, this prevent the stain from showing through the final paint.



       Brushes: Most paintwork uses a brush for at least part of the surface. Even with roller painting a brush is used for the edges. Brushes come in different sizes and with straight or angled bristles.
       Rollers – uses for painting large surfaces like walls. The depth of the roller material (called the nap) affects the finish and the amount of paint held. Short nap is better for glossy finishes.
        Paint pad – a flat painting surface on a handle, used for edges on interior painting walls.


House Painters Sydney
The home looks best with good décor. And décor starts with quality paintwork. Home painting is a large project, so let professionals achieve the best results.


more than walls house painting

More than Wall House Painting Sydney

More than Wall House Painting Sydney

We can drastically alter the look of our homes interior without resorting to major renovations. Repainting is one obvious way to change and improve the look of a room. But there is more than wall house painting. Changing other elements of the room can make a considerable improvement. All potential changes should be considered before deciding on any paintwork because we want all the elements of a room to combine in a coherent manner.

It is easy to change the curtains. Some people change them for summer and winter. And it is not too difficult to put up a curtain rod if there is not one there already.
The curtains should go well with the wall and floor colour. If in doubt, cream and off white are unobtrusive and go with almost any décor.

These require some work to install, but they are useful for letting the right amount of light, in, or block out the light altogether.
Wooden shutters can be painted to suit the room.

This is a more modern trend. Decals can be printed on home computer systems and used to neatly decorate a wall. Anything from neat black silhouettes to colourful cartoon images can work will for chic stylish main rooms or children’s bedrooms.

Adhesive tiles
Stick on tiles are super easy to install and work well for room trim or for larger areas on kitchens.

Light Shades
Most of us can’t really justify a chandelier, but colourful lamp shades and light coverings are inexpensive yet quite effective.

Just changing the type of lightbulb will have an effect on a room. Lightbulbs can produce anything from warm candles to vivid daylight. LED lights are cheaper to run and quite versatile.

Rugs and Mats
It is easy to add a floorcovering to a hard floor. It changes the colour effect of a room, and works well in winter.

Strata Painting Sydney
Strata apartments can be substantially redecorated without any permanent renovations. Curtains, lightshades, lightbulbs, wall decals, furniture can be added quite easily. And of course paintwork and shutters are only a minor renovations that can be easily added or removed.

Wall House Painting Sydney
Consider the type of look you want for your room. Paintwork is a primary part of this, but we should consider all the elements of a room before deciding on the paint colour, so everything can work coherently.


house painting Sydney - polyurethane

Removing Polyurethane

Remove Polyurethane

Renovations and House painting Sydney
Polyurethane is used to protect floors, furniture or other wooden surfaces. Occasionally we need to remove it if we are to re-stain/re-finish the wooden surface, or if the polyurethane is simply getting too old.
Of course polyurethane is a little difficult to remove, specifically because it is meant to protect the floor. So a few strong chemicals and methods are required.
Polyurethane and the chemicals used to remove it are quite harsh on skin and can make breathing difficult. In fact the removal chemicals are toxic in large doses. So good room ventilation (open doors and windows) with breathing masks and protective gloves are necessary.
1. Wear old clothes or overalls that cover the whole body. And use glove and a breathing mask.
2. Use a paint stripper to remove the polyurethane. Water based paint strippers will produce lower fumes, but they take longer to work.

3. Apply the paint stripper with a cheap or old paintbrush; you will probably throw this out afterward. Do a small section of the floor, perhaps 2 feet square. Cover it thickly with the stripper and be sure to fill in any cracks or tight spaces.
4. Leave the stripper to work for about 10 minutes; check the instruction on the product for exact times. Once the polyurethane starts to wrinkle you know it is working.

5. Scrape off the polyurethane with a metal paint scrapper. Scrap in the direction of the woodgrain. Dispose of the scrapping in an old disposable container.
6. Use a wire brush to remove any further polyurethane. Also move this in the direction of the grain.
7. Wash the paint stripper away with a wet rag. Often the rag can just use water, but sometimes ethanol or mineral spirits is required. It depends on the type of paint stripper.
8. Use 150 grit sandpaper or steel wool to smooth out the timber. You can use an electric sander if it is designed to leave a flat surface.
9. Move on to the next area of the floor.

House Painting Sydney

Large scale projects take considerable time to complete. Painting your entire home takes considerable time. Consider the benefits of professional painters for you home, and be guaranteed a great result.


Garage floors Painting house painting sydney

Garage Floors Painting

Garage Floors Painting Sydney

A concrete garage floor can look great and be protected from damage with the right type of finish. Rock solid floor finishes specifically designed for garage floors are available from hardware and automotive stores. These are pricy, but if applied correctly thy will last for years.

There is a choice of colours with the floor coatings. Clear, grey or sand colour are the most common options.

The coating should come as part of a kit that includes some etching compound.

  1. Use a degreaser to clean the concrete of any oil spills on the garage floor.
  2. Wet the entire surface of the floor.
  3. Mix the concrete etch with water than use this with a stiff-bristle brush to scrub the floor.
  4. Pre-Prepare the pouch of floor finish by shaking it and rolling it on the ground.
  5. The pouch will have two sealed sections. The internal seal will need to be broken so the two components can be mixed together. Mix these by squeezing from the edges to the centre. This actives the flooring compound.
  6. Cut off the corner of the pouch and squeeze out a line of compound on the floor. The line should be about 6 cm wide and I meter long. Start this first line at the wall furthest away from the door.
  7. Use a brush to cover a little over 1 meter of the floor with this compound. Brush it up against the bas of the wall.
  8. Smooth out the covered area with a roller, using a ‘W’ pattern.
  9. Repeat this procedure, making sure to overlap each section.
  10. Work back towards the door, making sure that the whole floor is covered right up to the door’s edge.

The floor should be left for 24 hours. Then it is safe to walk on, or for parking the car.

House Painting Sydney

Garage floors and other DIY projects can be done over a weekend. These type of home project can be very fulfilling. But painting an entire house, or even just all the interior walls, is a large project, being both labour intensive and time consuming. Don’t spend your time renovating your home when you can enjoy the benefits of a professional paint job instead. Have your home professionally painted, then spend your time on things that are more important.

Rustic Style and Aged Paint

Furniture and internal House Painting Sydney

The rustic look is popular with some people. This is a décor that favours open woodgrain and aged furnishings. Furniture with aged paint works well in this sort of surrounding. It is possible to reproduce the look of aged paint with a few painting techniques. This can be used for making newer furniture look old, but is more common used for restoring older furniture and giving it an appropriate rustic appearance. These techniques can also be applied to walls, though rustic style rooms tend to only paint one or maybe two of the walls.

If you are going to restore a wall or some furniture to an ‘aged distressed’ look than choose colours that will suit the room. Warm colours are usually fine, as are earthy colours like brown or grey. Light, almost faded colours also work well. Just avoid anything too bright or vivid. Chalk paint is one of many good options.

Aged furniture will not have an even, smooth finish. The look of aged paint is unevenness, but unevenness that looks deliberate and coordinated. Two overlapping layers of paint, with the top layer partially incomplete, is the classic way to achieve this. The top layer should be a darker version of the base layer, so the paint looks like it has faded in the sunlight. Choose the appropriate colour shades in advance.

  • Prepare the surface by sanding the wood, or cleaning with sugar soap to remove any grease. Wait till the surface is completely dry.
  • Apply the lighter shade of paint first. This is one time where you do not have to be too fussy about neatness. As long as you cover the whole surface including all edges and walls.
  • When the lighter base layer of paint is dry you can add the darker shade of paint. Do this with a flat paintbrush is a criss-cross pattern.
  • When the paint is still damp use a muslin cloth to dab off the darker paint, and blur the surface. Some people like to remove more paint form the edges or anywhere that should be exposed to more wear.
  • When the paint is dry it will have a pleasantly uneven ‘worn’ look.

House Painters Sydney

Some home DIY projects are a good hobby. Restoring some furniture can be satisfying. But it takes a long time to repaint and entire home. Have the main painting done be professionals, and enjoy adding the décor details yourself.

Secrets of the Professional Painters

Best house painting Sydney

The internal walls of your house will get the best possible paint job if you know a few tricks. Many of these are fairly straight forward, but they do require some consistent effort. Yet they are very effective.

  • Sand away flaws. Some restoration work requires more sanding than painting. But the sanding removes ridges, filler marks and other abnormalities that pain will never hide.
  • Completely de-grease the walls so that the paint bonds well.
  • Use a really good brush. Soft bristles will leave a smoother finish.
  • Move furniture out or cover it with plastic sheeting.
  • Use a tinted primer. If the primer is a similar colour to the final paint the result will look better, and you will only need one coat of colour.
  • Always use primer over any filler in the wall. The filler used for joints and gaps has a different texture to the gyprock, and this will show through the final paint. Primer will provide a much neater finish.
  • Use tape for neat edges, and press it into place with a putty knife.
  • Use paint conditioner to get a smoother finish in non-oil based paints. Floetrol is one common brand of paint conditioner.
  • The joint between textured surfaces (like cement) and smooth walls is an issue; it has traditionally been hard to get a neat, straight joint line; the brush will not run smoothly in the line against the textured surface.
    Use a screwdriver to remove the rough surface neat the line. The paint joint will be smoother.
  • Canvas drop cloths are the best option. You do not have to cover the whole floor, just the area where you are painting.
  • Do one wall at a time. Do the edges, then use a roller on the main surface.
  • If you need to paint a large area the mix several paint tins together. This will remove the colour difference between different tins.
  • Wash any paint rollers, to remove any loose material.
  • Remove light switches and electrical sockets.

House painters Sydney

Professional painting gives the best results for your home. It’s worth hiring the professional painters.