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Cleaners and Thinners

House Painting Sydney Most modern house-paints are water-based. Being water-based gives a few advantages, the most important being the ability to clean brushes and rollers with plain water. But these water-based paints also tend to be low odour, have low toxicity, and can by thinned out (if necessary) with plain water. There are no real […]

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Beside the Paint

House Painting Sydney Repainting is almost entirely about improved appearances, but not entirely. Painters will repair cracks in the walls, choose paint that protects surfaces and resists staining, and even recommend colours that work will with lighting. These factors can indirectly the upkeep of your home. Cracks in the wall are rarely a structural issue, […]

House Painters Sydney

Paint Fumes

House Painting Sydney Older paint products tended to give off a lot of strong fumes. These were eventually found to be harmful. So research and strict regulations led to the development of paint products that emitted little, if any toxic fumes. That fact that we can smell any paint fumes is cause for concern. Airborne […]

House Painting Sydney

Exterior Painting

House Painting Sydney Exterior House painting is a different kettle of fish to interior painting. For one thing the surfaces on the outside of you house have to be well prepared after many years of being exposed to the weather. And the actual paint used for outdoor surfaces is designed to withstand this outdoor weather, […]

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New Spray Options

House Painting Sydney Spray painting works well for some surfaces. It gives a clean flat finish and can take less time than brushes or rollers. But spray painting is usually not a good idea for indoor use, as the fumes are an issue. And until recently it also required a certain investment in equipment if […]

House Painting Sydney

Polished Paint

House Painting Sydney Occasionally we might want a very glossy paint finish on a item. While most interior walls are painted with a matt finish, occasionally gloss finish in bathrooms and kitchens, we might want a smaller item, like a railing, picture frame on knickknack, to have a highly glossy finish. We can give an […]

House Painting Sydney

Alter Room Size Shape

House Painting Sydney The overall colour scheme is extremely important for creating the right atmosphere for your home. A large part of this, and a semi-permanent one, is the paint colour of the walls. The rest of the decor need to be align with this wall colour. Your choice of paint colour is a large […]

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House Painting Sydney Some parts of the home are part of the background, other parts are focal paints. Most painting is concerned with the walls, which is part of the background. And this is something that has to be done well, lest it contains flaws, becomes noticeable and ceases to be in the background. Some […]

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Water Stains on Walls

House Painters Sydney Occasionally we may notice water stains on the interior walls. These are the darker looking damp marks that appear near the tops of walls and in corners of the room. Occasionally they might also appear in the middle of the wall, or anywhere that the timber frame supports the plaster/Gyprock. It is […]

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Uneven Paint Cover

House Painting Sydney With the right approach to painting, learnt through observation and experience, the professionals get great paint results, with problems being few and far between. DIY painters may get a few issues with their home projects. These can be avoided with a professional approach. Uneven Coverage This isn’t a disaster, but it’s a […]