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Water Stains on Walls

House Painters Sydney Occasionally we may notice water stains on the interior walls. These are the darker looking damp marks that appear near the tops of walls and in corners of the room. Occasionally they might also appear in the middle of the wall, or anywhere that the timber frame supports the plaster/Gyprock. It is […]

House Painters Sydney

Uneven Paint Cover

House Painting Sydney With the right approach to painting, learnt through observation and experience, the professionals get great paint results, with problems being few and far between. DIY painters may get a few issues with their home projects. These can be avoided with a professional approach. Uneven Coverage This isn’t a disaster, but it’s a […]

House Painting Sydney

Room Makeovers On The Cheap

House Painting Sydney Many of us have at least one room in the house that we would like to renovate. But renovations can be pricey, not to mention time consuming. So we look for a way to get good results on a budget. The most obvious way to make a significant yet moderately priced change […]

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Distressed Paint

House Painters Sydney ‌‌ Some of us like a rustic decor, the look of older wooden furnishings from an earlier period, bare wooden floors, weathered surfaces, and older artworks that show the signs of age. We can easily alter furnishings so that they fit this rustic decor. We can make wooden or metal furnishings look […]

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Smooth Finish

House Painters Sydney Most walls in homes and buildings are gyprock, which is manufactured to be smooth and flat. It is not too difficult to get a great matt paint finish on these walls if we use the right primer/undercoat and the right colour paint. It takes some skill with a roller and brush, but […]

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Every home will at least occasionally need to remove a stain from the walls. How difficult this proves to be depends on both the method we use to remove the stain and the wall surface that we remove it from.   House Painters Sydney ‌‌ A few generations ago people preferred glossy paint, which had […]

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Choose The Best House Painters in Sydney

How To Choose The Best House Painters, Sydney (4 factors to consider)   While there are numerous house painters in Sydney, it isn’t easy to choose the ones who’re not only experts in house painting but also will perfectly fit your budget. Here are 4 factors to consider to make the process much easier: 1 […]

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Old Paint – House Painters Sydney

House Painting Sydney Many of us have a few old cans of paint in the garage or garden shed. these are often left over from when the house has last painted. These can be handy to have if we have to paint over a stain. But paint will have an expiry date. And even if […]

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Roller Painting

House Painters Sydney Most home interiors are painted with a roller, though a brush is probably used for the corners. Rollers are popular for this type of painting because they can cover large flat surfaces quite quickly and because they give a pleasant semi-textured finish.   Roller painting, like any painting, requires some skill. But […]

Spray Painting - House Painting Sydney

Spray Painting – House Painting Sydney

House Painting Sydney Almost all interior room paint is done with a brush and roller. But spray painting is used for some smaller items, and for some larger furnishings. It is a useful method in some situations, giving a smooth finish if applied with some basic skills. Spray painting might be used for furniture, musical […]