Rustic Style and Aged Paint

Furniture and internal House Painting Sydney The rustic look is popular with some people. This is a décor that favours open woodgrain and aged furnishings. Furniture with aged paint works well in this sort of surrounding. It is possible to reproduce the look of aged paint with a few painting techniques. This can be used […]

Secrets of the Professional Painters

Best house painting Sydney The internal walls of your house will get the best possible paint job if you know a few tricks. Many of these are fairly straight forward, but they do require some consistent effort. Yet they are very effective. Sand away flaws. Some restoration work requires more sanding than painting. But the […]

House Painting Sydney

You’ve Decided to Hire a Painting Contractor. Now What? Some home improvement projects require the work of a professional. There are only a few home owners I can think of who are capable of pouring a foundation, install their own HVAC, or building an additional room. However, other home projects, as painting just seem to be […]

The Old Rag with Depth

The Old Rag with Depth   Internal House Painting Sydney Many interior walls use plain matt colours. The room décor is created by the combination of these wall colours with the floor, ceiling and any furnishings. Wall paint is usually the plainest element, but there are some exceptions. There are painting methods that give the […]

Fixing Some Paint Problems

Fixing Some Paint Problems   Common Problems with Internal house painting Sydney It takes considerable skill to achieve a neat paint job. There are potential problems with paint on a flat surface because even slight imperfections are easy to see under these conditions. And there are potential problems in painting edges and small details because […]

Dust and Paint

Dust and house painting Sydney Dust can be a problem when painting. If there is dust in the air then it can settle on fresh paint, and ruin the finished surface. This is a bigger problem with horizontal surfaces than vertical walls. It is also a bigger problem with slow drying paint; the longer the […]

Smoother Finish Paint.

House Painting Sydney Most internal wall painting uses matt or eggshell paint. Of course this needs to be skilfully applied, but it does not require a silky smooth finish as this paint is designed to be pleasantly rough.  Occasionally, however, there is a paint job that requires a super smooth finish, using glossy paint to […]

Removing Paint from Windows

House Painters Sydney Painters should prepare the room they paint with groundsheets and masking tape. Amongst other things the windows should be protected, so they do not suffer any paint accidents. However, paint does occasionally get on windows. This is easy to clean off if the paint has not dried. Often it can be wiped […]

Chalk Paint

Furnishings and House painting Sydney Many homeowners like to paint a few furnishings for a DIY projects. Small paint projects can be enjoyable. Chairs, a table, bookshelves, some children’s play equipment. These projects are best kept small as long term project take considerable time to give any sense of satisfaction. A rustic look, deliberately made […]

Yellowing Paint

House Painters Sydney Is use to be common for paint to slowly turn yellow over time. This hardy occurs with more modern paint, as the technology has improved. But older houses sometime have sections of yellow paint, which gives a room an uneven appearance. Older paints will slowly turn yellow if they are left in […]