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Precautions and House Painting Sydney Paints are synthetic and contain chemicals. Some of these chemicals are released into the air as the paint dries. Modern paints contain and release less chemical smell than paints of a few generations ago, but the small amount of chemical vapour released is best avoided. The smell of fresh paint […]

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Question For house painters Sydney How long should I wait before using a recently painted room? Modern paints are much better in this regard than older types of paint – there is less chemical smell and much less chemical residue in the air. Nonetheless we recommend airing out the room with open windows and fan, […]

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Interior House Painters Sydney Over the past few generations paint for interior walls has tended to have three basic finishes, though other types of finishes have appeared on the market more recently.Gloss House Painting Sydney This was once the most common type of paint finish, and it is still very common for outdoor use. Gloss […]