Edges and Trim

House Painting Sydney The ability to achieve a smooth, uniform surface over a large area is one challenge. The ability to have a neat edge is another. These are two aspects of the many aspects of a good paint job. Edges require a steady painting hand and / or a few simple techniques. Tape Some […]

The Professional Difference

Advice from House Painters Sydney Experience and knowing a few tricks of the trade means that professional painters get the best possible results, often in minimal time.  Start with a clean Room – to begin, move everything out of the room that isn’t nailed down. And it you can unscrew light fixtures and curtain rods […]

Painting the Ceiling

Ceiling House Painting Sydney Painting the ceiling is a somewhat different matter to regular wall painting. Painters will use slightly different equipment and prepare the room differently. They will also use a ladder or extension pole in to enable them to reach high enough. Over the floor with drop sheets, either plastic or canvas. Use […]

Distressed Painting

House Painters Sydney The furniture is an obvious part of a home’s décor. Along with the wall paint and flooring material it is part of the overall, and hopefully coherent, look of a room. Sometimes furniture is painted to make is suitable for the home décor. This is a great way to restore old furniture […]

Brush Types

House Painting Sydney Most indoor painting is done with a roller. But corners and small details are painted with a brush. The type of brush used will affect the look of the painted finish. Bristles. Perhaps the most important difference between brushes and the affect they have on the final paint project. Thin bristles brushes […]

Faux Woodgrain Painting

House Painting Sydney Most internal wall painting is concerned with providing smooth even surfaces. Walls usually do not have patterns, they have pleasing background colours to set the right mood. Any details are usually provided with paintings, decorations and furniture. Yet occasionally we might want a pattern on a wall or painted surface. Woodgrain is […]

Hot Weather House Painting Sydney

Exterior House painting requires reasonable conditions in order to get the best results. Nobody paints while it is raining, and professional painters will often avoid painting in extreme heat or direct summer sunlight as the end results will be compromised. Paint is designed to cure at a moderate rate in order to get a quality […]

Surface Stains

House Painters Sydney Surface preparation is an important factor in painting walls or any surface. Walls being painted for the first time will be prepared with a suitable primer, which works well if the surfaces are sufficiently clean. Walls being repainted must be cleaned to remove years worth of accumulated grime, grease and oil. Paint […]

strata painting sydney

Strata Painting Sydney

With many things the difficulty is in the detail. One of the difficult details in painting is the corners. Both convex and concave corners require a little skill if they are to be painted satisfactorily. House Painting Sydney Concave corners exist in every room. The edge where an internal wall meets the ceiling is one […]

House Painting Sydney

Bathroom House Painting Sydney Bathroom painting is a different to painting other rooms in the house.  Bathrooms will contain moisture both in the air and on the floor. This inevitably has an effect on the walls and paintwork. Where most internal rooms use matt or eggshell paint the bathroom will more often use gloss finish […]