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How Can House Painting Make a Room Look Larger?

House Painting Sydney A good colour scheme can make all the difference to the look of a room. This is something that should be coordinated with the rest of the room decor. The flooring, furniture, curtains and other elements of the room should work well with the paint colours. The right paint colours can also […]

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How Should I Paint a Children’s Room?

House Painters Sydney A few homes will have a consistent decor through every room. More often we paint different rooms according to their function or occupants. A living rooms is about style and comfort, a kitchen about practicality first, and hopefully some style too. A child’s room should also be painted according to the situation. […]

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How to Get a Smooth Paint Result

House Painters Sydney Sometimes we deliberately give paint a rough texture, either because we like the roughness or we want to hide imperfections in the underlying surface. But more often we like to give paint a smooth, flawless finish. And even if we do go for the textured look we want it to be deliberate, […]

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What are the Different Paint Finishes?

House Painters Sydney There are several different finishes of paint. The finish is the surface texture of the paint, with different textures having different properties. Glossy Paint – For many generations this was the predominant type of paint, used almost exclusively. It has a shiny, almost mirror like finish that reflects light smoothly; you can […]

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Why Edge Painting Matters?

House Painters Sydney In many renovations the most difficult part is the details. When painting an interior the most difficult details are a uniform flat surface and neat edges. These are achieved by different methods. Large flat surfaces can be give an smooth finish with roller paint or perhaps spray techniques. Edges cannot be painted […]

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Why House Painters Sydney Wide use Rag Painting?

House Painters Sydney A textured or patterned surface might be preferable to a single colour on a wall. It depends on the rest of the decor in the room. If the room already has a lot of decorative detail then we might prefer plain walls, lest the room have too much detail. But if the […]

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What is difference between exterior painting and interior painting

Exterior House Painters Sydney The whole look of a home can be changed with exterior painting. Sometimes we want to get back to the look it had when first painted. Or we might want a totally different colour scheme. either way, painting is a moderate priced renovation. Of course exterior painting is quite different to […]

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Avoiding Mistakes

House Painters Sydney Experience can teach us, or we can learn from others. Best to try learn from others first, from their experience, and then add to this by our own experience.. Some Advice from those who have been painting for a while. Use painters tape. This makes edges so neat, with considerable ease. you […]

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Cleaners and Thinners

House Painting Sydney Most modern house-paints are water-based. Being water-based gives a few advantages, the most important being the ability to clean brushes and rollers with plain water. But these water-based paints also tend to be low odour, have low toxicity, and can by thinned out (if necessary) with plain water. There are no real […]

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Beside the Paint

House Painting Sydney Repainting is almost entirely about improved appearances, but not entirely. Painters will repair cracks in the walls, choose paint that protects surfaces and resists staining, and even recommend colours that work will with lighting. These factors can indirectly the upkeep of your home. Cracks in the wall are rarely a structural issue, […]

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Paint Fumes

House Painting Sydney Older paint products tended to give off a lot of strong fumes. These were eventually found to be harmful. So research and strict regulations led to the development of paint products that emitted little, if any toxic fumes. That fact that we can smell any paint fumes is cause for concern. Airborne […]

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Exterior Painting

House Painting Sydney Exterior House painting is a different kettle of fish to interior painting. For one thing the surfaces on the outside of you house have to be well prepared after many years of being exposed to the weather. And the actual paint used for outdoor surfaces is designed to withstand this outdoor weather, […]