Children’s Bedroom Painting

Children’s Bedroom Painting

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A pleasing paint job requires more than just the right equipment and skills. We also need the right décor colours, to plan the result we want in advance. This is about all the elements of the room, including the paint, coherently fitting together.
Of course the right décor is a matter of taste. And also a matter of what the room will be used for. The right decor for a kitchen or bathroom will always look different to the décor of a living room. Bedrooms are different again. A bedroom is probably the room that can most reflect the taste of the individual. Children’s bedrooms especially so.

Children’s Bedroom Painting – house painters Sydney

Think of a theme for the child’s bedroom. Anything that encourages imagination is beneficial for the development of a child’s mind. It is beneficial even if it captures a child’s interest. Themes can be anything from cartoon characters to stars and balloons.
Bright colours are pretty much essential for children. Even infants of a few months of age will respond to bright colours. They can certainly influence mood. But we must put though into this. If the room is painted one bright colour we may not be able to add most other colours without causing a clash; too much brightness can be overbearing. Even bright colours need some context and coherence.

One option is to paint the room a neutral colours, and then add bright decorations. Think of a white wall with multi-coloured stars. This can look bright and spacious. By contrast, a bright red wall may be hard to decorate as other bold colours will look too overbearing. Giving one wall a vivid colour while leaving the other walls neutral is one possibility.

Neutral walls are also good if we use different lighting. A child’s toy or mobile that casts multiple colours on a wall can look very effective on a neutral wall. Nightlight can look good too. Even a room light that varies from candle to daylight is more effective in a neutral room as we won’t have wall colours that clash with the light’s colours.
Ceilings should also be neutral colours, though it is possible to use sky blue in a child’s room to good effect.

Another advantage of neutral colour schemes is that they allow the décor to be varied over time. The child will outgrow their interests quite quickly. This is easy to accommodate if we change posters and decorations in a neutral coloured room. But it is a little more difficult if we have to paint over the old décor.

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The paint used for children’s bedroom painting should be durable. It will have to endure spills, knocks, and crayon drawings. Gloss or semi-gloss paint can be good here, and was often used in the past. This resists most stains and spills. Now modern eggshell paint can also be durable without being a vivid as gloss.
Non-toxic paint, with low VOC (Volatile Chemical odour) should be used in children’s rooms.

Timing of the paint Project

Fresh paint will give off fumes, and this can be toxic to young children or pregnant women. Room should only be painted when the house is free from infants and pregnant women.

Children’s Bedroom Painting – House painting Sydney

Talk to us about any paint décor options. Pre-planning the décor goes a long way to achieving the best results.

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