Comparing Commercial and Home Painting

Commercial and House Painters Sydney

It would be a simple and perhaps common mistake to think that home painting and commercial painting are the same thing. They actually require different skill sets and equipment, though many companies that perform one painting service also provide the other.


Commercial Painting

Commercial painting is for businesses and buildings. This is often large scale. The style of painting is often functional, designed to be appropriate for a certain type of business, and to appeal to a certain clientele. A hotel would have a different paint scheme if it were high class establishment, or cheap accommodation. This would be different to a data entry office or a creative media company. Each is painted to suit the situation.

There is a different way to approach commercial painting. For one thing there is a great deal of area to paint, so the process has to be done efficiently. Another is that business buildings tend to be large, so there can be heights to scale. Imagine painting the outside of a multistory building. This requires ladders or other equipment.

An important element is not disrupting the company operation. Businesses cannot really afford to shut down for renovations, as this costs them considerable money. So commercial painting must work outside office hours, or perhaps during a vacation, to prevent disruption to a company’s work.

On Residential House Painters Sydney

Home painting can involve the interior or exterior being painted. This will only be one building, so it is small or medium scale. Often a homeowner will just paint one room at any time, and perhaps another room a few months latter. Painting the whole home all at once is more time-consuming than most people realize. So it is best to use a professional painter if you intend to change it all at once.

It is tricky to do house painting. It is difficult not to splatter paint on floors or furniture. It requires some skill to use a roller without having overlap marks on the surface. All of this is even more difficult when painting ceilings.

Professional painters can get the best results in the best time possible for all residential House painting.

House Painters Sydney

Painting can completely transform the look of your home. We consult on the best colours schemes for paintwork that lasts for years.


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