Distressed Paint

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‌‌ Some of us like a rustic decor, the look of older wooden furnishings from an earlier period, bare wooden floors, weathered surfaces, and older artworks that show the signs of age. We can easily alter furnishings so that they fit this rustic decor.

We can make wooden or metal furnishings look rustic by giving them a distressed paint job. This is actually much easier than giving them a neat ‘perfect’ paint treatment because the whole point of rustic is that it look imperfect and worn.



One simple way to give an piece of wooden furniture a classic rustic look is to add a stain. This only works on bare, untreated wood. So you will have to sand off any previous paint.

Once the wood is bare you can simply stain it a dark colour.

Faux Woodgrain

We can make a cheap piece of furniture look more classy by adding an artificial woodgrain finish. This is simply a matter of first painting a dark wood colour, letting it dry, then adding a lighter wood colour that is altered with a graining tool. we drag the graining tool across the still wet paint to partially reveal the dark paint underneath. This gives a woodgrain effect.

Distressed Paint Furniture

This gives any old piece of furniture an antique look. It even works if you use a bright modern colour, so there is probably a way to make anything suit any decor.

The point of distressed furniture is that the cracks and discolouration show through. So we can be rough about our technique and still get the right result.

  • First sand the surface so make is suitable for the paint.
  • Apply an undercoat
  • Apply a darker colour paint, but not too deeply. Let the cracks show, let the edges be unevenly covered.
  • When the first layer of pain is dry, apply a second coat of paint, again quite roughly.
  • While the paint is still wet, wipe the surface with paper towels.
  • This gives a slightly worn, slightly rough look.
  • Wait for the paint to day.


House Painting Sydney

Some DIY furniture projects or a bedroom make a good weekend DIY project. But if you want your whole home painted then call the professionals. quality painting takes time and skill. Painting your whole home will take longer than you might expect. Professional painters get the best results in minimal time.



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