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The furniture is an obvious part of a home’s décor. Along with the wall paint and flooring material it is part of the overall, and hopefully coherent, look of a room.

Sometimes furniture is painted to make is suitable for the home décor. This is a great way to restore old furniture or make use of cheap furniture found in a garage sale.

One restoration option is to make the furniture look pristine and new. This is possible if the furniture originally had a painted finish. But it is difficult to achieve because it requires professional techniques and materials.

An alternative to complete restoration is to replicate a classic look by synthetic means. One example it to create and artificial woodgrain pattern on wooden furniture. This can be done by painting a dark colour over a lighter colour and using a graining tool (a roller with a 3D pattern) on the still wet paint. Alternate, you can use a light paint over a dark undercoat.

With the woodgrain paint it is possible to turn a cheap wooden object, even pine or plywood, into a piece of furniture that looks like expensive timber.

Distressing Paint

Another alternative to pristine finishes is distressed paintwork. This is deliberately making a piece of paintwork look old and weathered. This can suit several different decors from rustic (darker painted furniture in an old style room) to sparse pascal décor (light pastel coloured furniture in an open, modern room).

Painted furniture can be distressed by sanding back and removing some of the paint. Or they can be coloured with thin, semi-transparent paint that shows the underlying grain.

Distressed furniture can be enhanced by gold leaf trim, which itself make be made to suit the furniture by being distressed.

Chalk paint is popular for some type of furniture restorations. This is paint with an additive that makes the surface appears powdery, like plaster or chalk. It is smooth but not glossy. This is particularly effective with pascal colours.

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Considering a house redecoration? Consider all the elements in your home. Will the furniture match the flooring materials and wall colour? Consider changing the look of the furniture. Find a coherent look that works for you.

Talk to use about ideas for home décor.

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