Edges and Trim

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The ability to achieve a smooth, uniform surface over a large area is one challenge. The ability to have a neat edge is another. These are two aspects of the many aspects of a good paint job.

Edges require a steady painting hand and / or a few simple techniques.


Some painters use blue painters tape to cover an edge that is not to be painted. This is especially effective where the painted wall meets the trim – the skirting boards, the door, the window frame. Masking tape is an alternative to blue tap.

NEVER use tape with latex paint. This paint forms a surface coating that will tear when the paint is removed.


Use a sash brush. These have the bristles cut at an angle, which makes edge painting much easier. A smaller brush, 1 inch or 2, is usually the best option.

Make sure there is minimal paint on the brush. The greatly reduces paint drops getting on the wrong surface.

Paint Guard

The paint guard is a long flat edge with a handle. You can hold this against the surface you don’t wish to paint while painting the adjacent surface.

Hold the paint guard in your non-dominant hand.


Paint the surface in one stroke, in one direction. Use just enough pressure to ensure an even application.

Start each stroke in a dry area and paint toward the wet (already painted) area. When you reach the wet area you can feather the two edges (reduce the pressure and wiggle the paint into the wet area). This reduces any marks where the paint overlaps.

Removing Tape

Wait till the paint is partially dry then remove the tape. You should have a neat edge between the painted and unpainted surface.

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Professionals achieve the best results with house painting. Make the best of the home you have. An immaculate paint job is the first step towards fine décor.

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