Elevating Your Community’s Appeal and Value

Strata Painting Sydney

A neat repainting can help modernise and freshen up a strata building. This can be a new lease of life for an old building, increasing the value, and improving the mindset of the residents. Residents will stay longer and rarely complain if the building’s visual appeal is improved by good paintwork.

Strata, by definition, is a mixture of private accommodation and some communal areas. This communal space will need to appeal to everybody in the strata building, and this may mean satisfying many diverse opinions. And while we may find it hard to cater to everybody, at the very least the paint should be neat, fresh and attractive.

Why Strata Painting Sydney?

  • To give the strata building a fresh colour change
  • For ongoing general maintenance and repair work
  • Perhaps there are building renovations
  • For protection, paint can prevent mould and Sun damage.
  • Good paint will improve real estate value and rental returns.
  • Make it easier to find and keep rental apartment tenants

Approval for Strata Painting Sydney

As strata renovations are in a building will many occupants it is necessary to have approval before any changes, even repainting, can be done. This should mean approval by a strata committee. There will also be specific by-laws and regulations for renovations, though regulations for painting will be minimal.

The budget for major repainting of communal areas should be covered by the strata capital works fund. Minor repainting, such as touch-ups, maintenance and repair, should be covered by the administrative fund.

During Strata Painting Sydney

Re-painting, especially with such a large project as strata or commercial offices, is time-consuming. This can cause disruption to many people’s schedules. With commercial offices, this disruption is minimised by working after business hours, when the building is largely unoccupied. Unfortunately, this does not work for strata, as people live in the building during the night and most of the day.

It helps to warn residents in advance of painting and renovations. And then schedule painting during the middle of the day when most people are at work.

Looking for Strata Painting in Sydney?

Strata is a mixture of private apartments and communal areas. We provide quality painting, planning and execution, for any strata buildings.


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