Expert Tips from Professional House Painters in Sydney

Professional house painters, with their wealth of experience and trade secrets, achieve superior painting results quickly and efficiently.

Preparation is Crucial

  • Clear the Room: Remove all movable items, including unscrewing light fixtures and curtain rods. This prevents dust and paint from settling on them.
  • Use Quality Drop Cloths: Protect floors with high-quality drop cloths. Professionals prefer canvas, but paper-backed plastic is also effective, though it can be slippery. Avoid thin materials like linen or bedsheets as paint seeps through them.

Wall and Trim Preparation

  • Detect and Repair Plaster Damage: Use a light to spot dents or cracks in plaster. Fill these with Polyfiller, plaster, or Spackle.
  • Woodwork Repairs: Fill dents in wood trims with wood putty or builder’s bog, as plaster filler may not adhere well.
  • Sanding: Once fillers are dry, sand the plaster for a flat finish. Sand walls to create a rough surface for better paint adhesion, followed by vacuuming to remove dust.
  • Cleaning: Wash walls with sugar soap or trisodium phosphate, using a two-bucket system for cleaning and rinsing.

Sealing and Taping

  • Caulking Gaps: Fill gaps around the trim with caulk, using a pressure-releasing caulk gun. Match the caulk tube’s hole size to the size of the gap.
  • Taping Edges: If using masking or painter’s tape, ensure it’s flat against the surface. Be cautious with latex paint as it can tear when the tape is removed.

House Painting Sydney Services

  • Home is a significant part of our lives, and the right décor, starting with excellent paintwork, enhances its appeal.
  • Consider having your home painted by professionals for top-notch results.

For a flawless and durable paint job, consider enlisting the services of professional painters like Oppa in Sydney. Their emphasis on thorough preparation and quality materials ensures top-notch results for your home.


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