Exterior Painting Guide

We have a few recommendations when deciding on how to paint outdoors.

Don’t buy the Cheapest Paint

This is temptation, and it may seem like a bargain to buy cheaper paint. But you tend to get what you pay for. The quality brands will last considerably longer on outdoor surfaces, so even though they cost more they end up being cheaper in the long term.

Occasionally you find a quality brand on special or a good quality undercoat on discount. This is fine. And it is good to shop around to find the best deal on the colour you want. But never compromise on quality.

Consider the Permanent Fixtures

You are painting the house, but probably not the brickwork, and never the rockery. So choose the colours for the house surfaces that fit in with the rest of the yard.

A good rule of thumb is to find contrasting colours for the surfaces that you paint. If the surrounding brickwork is red, then paint the house a pale cream or light blue. If you have sandstone around you might like the house surfaces in a bold colour. If you have a pool then this is part of the overall picture, so choose the colour accordingly.

You do have the option of house painting the drains and gutters, or railing. Consider a good colour that matches or nicely contrasts with the other painted surfaces. Rust-resistant paint (i.e.: Kilrust) is a good option for metal pipes and similar surfaces.

Remember the Trim

The edges can be painted the same colour as the main surface, or a darker shade of the same colour. Occasionally a lighter shade of the main colour works well.
Consider light-coloured stairs with dark trim and railing.
Window frames, railings and the areas immediately under the roof are part of the trim, and should all match. Painting them all white often works well if the rest of the home has a vibrate colour.

Photoshop Testing

Take a few clear photos of the house in neutral conditions, like a pleasant sunny day. And use Photoshop to experiment with some different colour combinations. This is only a rough guide, but it will eliminate a few bad choices.

If your are not sure, call the professionals to make sure you get the job done right.


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