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Most internal wall painting is concerned with providing smooth even surfaces. Walls usually do not have patterns, they have pleasing background colours to set the right mood. Any details are usually provided with paintings, decorations and furniture. Yet occasionally we might want a pattern on a wall or painted surface.

Woodgrain is an interesting pattern, one that is never quite the same twice. Like fingerprints no two woodgrains are the same. This is part of the appeal.

Our aesthetic sense likes order. We like colours that match or that are complementary, we like neat proportions. But if we get completely plain colours with perfect proportions we risk getting a sterile result. It seems sterile because our brains tune out anything that is too regular, too plain. We want to see order made out of chaos, not order in isolation.

We might like to apply a woodgrain finish to a painted surface. This works well in moderation. A book shelf, desk or cabinet with a woodgrain finish can look quite stylish, especially in a plain surrounding, or with matching accessories. A door and frame or inbuilt amenities will also look good with woodgrain. But a whole room of woodgrain walls will feel too imposing.

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A graining tool can be used to give a woodgrain finish to a paintjob. Basically this is like a paint-roller with a textured rubber surface. By dragging his across a correctly prepared surface we can achieve a realistic looking grain effect.

The surface should be painted a dark colour, which is allowed to completely dry. This surface is then painted a lighter version of the same colour, and the graining tool is used to create a woodgrain pattern across the surface while the paint is still damp. Rocking the graining tool back and forth will create semi-random gain patterns that look realistic.

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Consider some woodgrain painting for a more prestige look on cabinets, furnishings or other parts of a stylish office.

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