Common Problems with Internal House Painting

Painting interiors requires skill to avoid visible imperfections. Here are some common issues and their remedies:

Missed Spots

Missed spots can occur due to lighting or when the wet paint doesn’t reveal the missed area.


Fill in the missed spots with fresh paint using a small brush once the first coat has dried.

Paint Runs

Paint runs, a result of thin or thick paint, can mar the appearance.


Remove the runs with fine sandpaper after drying, then retouch with fresh paint.

Roller Marks

Roller marks can disrupt a smooth finish.


Use a high-quality roller and paint, and choose the right nap thickness for the desired finish.


Painting neat edges where walls meet ceilings or skirting boards is challenging.


Experienced painters ‘cut in’ the edges with a brush or use tape for protection before painting with a brush.

House Painters in Sydney

Professional painters can achieve excellent results efficiently. Consider hiring professionals for your house or office painting needs to minimize disruption.


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