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Garage Floors Painting

Garage Floors Painting Sydney

A concrete garage floor can look great and be protected from damage with the right type of finish. Rock solid floor finishes specifically designed for garage floors are available from hardware and automotive stores. These are pricy, but if applied correctly thy will last for years.

There is a choice of colours with the floor coatings. Clear, grey or sand colour are the most common options.

The coating should come as part of a kit that includes some etching compound.

  1. Use a degreaser to clean the concrete of any oil spills on the garage floor.
  2. Wet the entire surface of the floor.
  3. Mix the concrete etch with water than use this with a stiff-bristle brush to scrub the floor.
  4. Pre-Prepare the pouch of floor finish by shaking it and rolling it on the ground.
  5. The pouch will have two sealed sections. The internal seal will need to be broken so the two components can be mixed together. Mix these by squeezing from the edges to the centre. This actives the flooring compound.
  6. Cut off the corner of the pouch and squeeze out a line of compound on the floor. The line should be about 6 cm wide and I meter long. Start this first line at the wall furthest away from the door.
  7. Use a brush to cover a little over 1 meter of the floor with this compound. Brush it up against the bas of the wall.
  8. Smooth out the covered area with a roller, using a ‘W’ pattern.
  9. Repeat this procedure, making sure to overlap each section.
  10. Work back towards the door, making sure that the whole floor is covered right up to the door’s edge.

The floor should be left for 24 hours. Then it is safe to walk on, or for parking the car.

House Painting Sydney

Garage floors and other DIY projects can be done over a weekend. These type of home project can be very fulfilling. But painting an entire house, or even just all the interior walls, is a large project, being both labour intensive and time consuming. Don’t spend your time renovating your home when you can enjoy the benefits of a professional paint job instead. Have your home professionally painted, then spend your time on things that are more important.

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