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How to Get a Smooth Paint Result

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Sometimes we deliberately give paint a rough texture, either because we like the roughness or we want to hide imperfections in the underlying surface. But more often we like to give paint a smooth, flawless finish. And even if we do go for the textured look we want it to be deliberate, not the random pattern that comes from poor painting skills.

Smooth Paint advice:

Prepare the surface correctly

If it it timber then sand the wood with 120 grit sandpaper. This is just rough enough to bond with the paint, yet smooth enough for the paint to dry smooth.

If you are repainting a interior wall then wash it with sugar soap to remove all grease, and repair any gaps and cracks with filler. Then paint with a roller.

Use a Primer

Every paintable surface has a different type of primer. Find the right primer for the surface, timber, metal, plaster, brick.

If it is a new Gyprock/plaster wall then use a good primer undercoat, then paint with a roller.

Tinted primers, the same colour as the final coat, will help even the colour of the wall.

Use additives

A paint that is thinner will have fewer brushmarks. Thick paint look terrible, holds brushmarks, and tends to be uneven. Thin paint will look smoother.

Water based paint can be dilutes slightly with water, but do this sparingly. If the paint is so thin that it runs you will get drips in the final result.

Strain the paint, if it is old.

It is better to use new paint, but if you strain older paint you can still get good results. You probably need to thin it as well.

Old paint that is stored in a smaller container will last for a few years as the lack of air prevent it from drying out.

Buy the right Paint.

Really, quality products make all the difference. A good job is a combination of skill and good materials.

If a poor product means you have to spend more time to make it right, or that the paint needs a second coat, then the time you spend here is worht more than the cost of a better product. a good product helps you get it right on the first attempt.

House Painting Sydney

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