Elements That Can Improve your House Design

We might repaint a room to restore its original appearance or repaint in order to give it a whole new appearance. If we are going for something new, then there is no need to limit ourselves to just new paint. We can change other elements of the room too. Anything goes as long as all the elements fit together coherently.


These are not expensive; it is not difficult to make curtains from inexpensive plain cloth. As long as the colour suits the room the curtains, and the overall effect, will look fine.
Some rooms use two sets of curtains, a light translucent set to let light in, and a heavy set to block light out. The light set should be a neutral colour like white or creme.

UV window film

This does not really alter the appearance of the room, but it prevents fading of the floor and furnishings. The window film keeps the harmful UV and infrared light out, leaving the room cooler and undamaged by the Sun.

Rugs and Mats

While it is a bit expensive to replace the floor it is not difficult to add a rug to the existing floor. Find a rug that matches the paint and curtains.


Some people prefer blinds to curtains or drapes. They are certainly capable of providing the same privacy, and allowing or blocking light as necessary. Old style blinds were neutral in colour, so they matched most room decors. Newer blinds can be custom ordered to complement the room decor.

Fly Screen

Not really a fashion item, but fly screens allow light and air into the room while keeping insects outdoors. This can make for a pleasant room in Summertime.


A room with poor lighting will never look as good as it should. The lighting in any room should be positioned to avoid obvious shadows. And consider changing the type of lighting (daylight, candlelight, red tint…etc.) to suit the room.

Limitations and its solution

There will be limits to what can be changed with strata apartments, especially rented strata. But anything non-permanent should be acceptable. So curtains, rugs, light bulbs, and other furnishings can be changed. There is always a way to make an old room look better. Consider House Painting to enhance the space you live in. We provide house painting in Syndey, so give us a call now!


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