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There are many options for decorating and painting both the inside and outside of a home. So we want to aim for something that we will be happy with in the long term. This means choosing colours, being functional, and working with the structure/features of the building. Every situation is different, but there are always good options for any situation.

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A house does not exist in isolation. There will be a garden around the home, the land itself, and the buildings next door. Use this landscape as the basis for choosing colours to paint your home. It is about matching and complementary colours. Making your home part of its surroundings.

If there are fences or other elements that can be painted (gazebo, tables, chairs …etc.) then look at altering them to suit the home. You can also plant or remove trees and flowers, partly matching the garden to the home or the home to the garden. In some cases, we can change the colour of the driveway.

Highlight any architectural feature, like arches, stairways, fancy doors …etc. Contrast lighter and darker shades to good effect.

Interior House Painters Sydney

The transition from outside to inside should be smooth. So the colours and general decor must match. Given that the outside is harder to change (it has to match the landscape) we should match the inside to the outside decor.

Dark walls generally make a room feel smaller, but if we add a lighter trim to dark walls the room seems larger. The opposite is also true. Light-coloured walls tend to make a room feel bigger, but dark trim will make the same room feel cozier. Bright lights, windows, and mirrors also make a room feel larger.

Furniture can be changed to suit the decor, or the paint can be changed to suit the furniture. Either way, they will need to match in some fashion. Choose the furniture you like the most, and the paint accordingly.

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Paint finishes

Eggshell or Matt paint tends to be the best option for most rooms. This reflects light in a soft manner that hides imperfections. Gloss is used for bathrooms and kitchens because it resists staining, with grease being a little easier to clean away.

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Professional painting can transform a home. Bring your life and your home to their potential with the right paint scheme and the right painters.
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