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Why House Painters Sydney Wide use Rag Painting?

House Painters Sydney

A textured or patterned surface might be preferable to a single colour on a wall. It depends on the rest of the decor in the room. If the room already has a lot of decorative detail then we might prefer plain walls, lest the room have too much detail. But if the room feels a little empty and sterile then we might like to add some detail on the walls. Adding textures to the paint is one way to achieve this.

Rag finishing the paint is one way to add some texture to the walls. This uses a combination of two colours on the wall, which overlap in a random but pleasing manner. The right colour combination can make a room feel warm, or sunny, or cool, depending on which colours you use.

– Some good colour combinations include:
– Orange and Yellow for bright warm Summer
– Light Brown and Yellow for Autumn
– White and Grey for a calssic Marble look
– Light and Dark Blue
– Light and Dark Red
– Gark Green on White
– Dark Yellow on White

Rag Method for House Painters Sydney

1- For the base colour, Apply 1-2 coats of latex paint to the walls, including edges. Wait till this is dry.
2- Mix the second colour with glaze, equal parts glaze and paint.
3- Wearing protective gloves, dip a rag into the paint/glaze. Then wring it out so it is damp with paint, not saturated.
4- Touch the bunched up rag to the painted surface, and wiggle it slightly.
5- Touch the whole wall surface with the rag. Never drag it.
Keep the pattern random, yet consistent.

As the rag can be a little messy it is often a good idea to tape the edges where you don’t want to apply the paint.

House Painters Sydney

The right paint work can transform any home. Looking for the right colour scheme, a textured surface? Talk to us.

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