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Full home renovations take months. Even repainting will take several days, probably close to two weeks for a large home, interior and exterior. But virtually every home has a few smaller projects that can be done over a weekend, or even over an afternoon. Completing these smaller projects can be very satisfying, and if we do several project over the course of a year it makes a big difference to the home.

House Painting Castle Hill – Smaller Projects.

Old Wooden Furniture – Most of us have an old cupboard, or have seen some older furniture in the local charity shop. These are often reasonably simple to repaint. But make sure the furniture is not antique or made of expensive timber. We don’t want to ruin something of real value.

Cheap furniture can look good in one solid colour. Try pastel colours, which suit many different home decors. You can modify this by using a distressed pattern when the paint is unevenly sanded in order to look old and worn.

We might repaint the furniture in a dark brown and give it a woodgrain pattern. This is suitable for an older style décor.

Chalk Wall – If we have a children’s playroom or just a child’s bedroom we can repaint one wall with a chalk surface.

Accent Wall – Is the whole room painted white? Get a strong effect by just repainting one wall in vivid colour. Combine this with a curtain of the same colour on an adjacent wall.

Metal Cabinets – filing cabinets often look drab, but they are easy to spray paint. And we can be creative by painting each drawing a different colour. Even alternating between glossy white and matt black will give interesting results.

Outdoor Metal Furniture – Cast iron chairs and tables in the garden have potential. These can be spraypainted easily, but the tricky part is cleaning the rust off first. It is even more tricky if the iron has a lot of elaborate details. A wire brush removes most rust and old paint. Then repaint will an anti-rust spray paint.

Outdoor Wooden Furniture – These are often stained rather than painted, but paint can be a good option. As long as the surface is clean and we use a primer before we paint there should be no issue. Just use paint designed for exteriors.

Iron railings – These are traditionally painted glossy white. But we can vary this by adding silica sand to the paint to get a textured surface. An advantage here is that a textured surface will cover up many surface imperfections. Just remove any rust with a wire brush and use anti-rust paint.

House Painting Castle Hill

Painting just one room, or the entire inside and outside of the home. We get the best results in minimal time.


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