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How to Paint Doors

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If we want to paint doors then we need a slightly different approach; doors are little different to interior walls.

Painting Tools
Most doors need some preparation before painting.
– Sandpaper with a sanding block
– Putty/Wood Filler
– Protective Drop Cloth
– Smaller Paintbrush
– Masking Tape and knife.
– Perhaps a Mini Roller with a Mini Roller tray

Door Painting Method:
– Remove the doorknob if possible. It is difficult to paint around the doorknob. remove anything else from the surface of the door.
– Consider taking the door off the hinges and painting it outside. This will make the process easier, and prevent paint fumes inside.
– Tape over the hinges, and use a knife to trim the edges around the hinge.
– Check the door for dents and scratches. Fill in any large dents, and then sand the surface smooth. Use a sanding block to keep the surface as flat as possible. Any imperfections will show through to the final paint.
– Then sand the entire door with 220 grit sandpaper. This gives a slightly rough surface for the paint to adhere to.
– Vacuum the door before painting.
– Paint the inside edge first, where the hinges are. Use a brush.
– Then use a roller to paint the main body of the door. You will probably need to wait for the paint to dry if you want to do the door’s other side.
– If the door has decorations, like paneling, this will require some extra work. Wait till the first paint is dry, then paint the panels/decor. Use masking tape to cover the areas that should not be painted.
– Only reattach the door when is is dry.
Doors often work well with glossy paint, which resists fingerprints and other marks.

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