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New Spray Options

House Painting Sydney

Spray painting works well for some surfaces. It gives a clean flat finish and can take less time than brushes or rollers. But spray painting is usually not a good idea for indoor use, as the fumes are an issue. And until recently it also required a certain investment in equipment if it was to be done at a professional level.

While some spray painting is done with a spray can, which is fine for small jobs, most professional spray painting is done with an spraygun and air compressor. This is expensive equipment, especially if different sprayguns are used for different painting jobs.

Now there is an effective and less expensive alternative. Electric powered spray guns can be bought for under a hundred dollars. These are easier to use than air compression spray guns, and give fine results, if the operator has some basic knowledge and skill.

Electric spray guns till require the paint to be diluted before use. Check the instruction on the paint being used, but expect to dilute the paint by about 50%. This means one part thinner to two parts paint.

All Spray guns, including electrical types, must be cleaned with thinner after each use. Otherwise the paint will set inside the mechanism, and the device will be ruined.


Always use a breathing mask when spray painting, to avoid inhaling fumes. Avoid using spray equipment indoors unless you have a ventilated room designed for this type of work.

House Painter Sydney

A fine paint job makes all the difference to your home. It is the final touch that can make or break your home decor. Have the painting looked after by the professionals.

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