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Office Painters Sydney

We do well to make the best use of the space we have. A room has a certain amount of space, and the right furniture, right décor, will bring this space to its potential. Part of this potential is looking good.

There is also the building around the room. We do well to plan the look of the building, making sure it suits the surrounding.

External Office Painters Sydney

  • Highlight architectural features such as rooflines, stairways, balconies, fancy windows. You can use different shades of the same colour, such as dark trim around window frames, or you might use dark colours that contrast/complement lighter colours.
  • Use the existing landscape as a basis for choosing the colours of the external building. This includes the driveway, foliage, and anything around the building. Remember that you can change these elements to some extent.
  • Fences are often overlooked. But these frame the building, and are an element in the colour scheme. You can paint main fences, or add small fences around a garden, or make any number of changes to alter the overall effect.
  • Interior colours can be made to blend with the exterior colours. There might be some exceptions, but the clients need to be give a good impression by the interior and exterior of the building.


Interior Office Painters Sydney

Rooms can appear larger or smaller according to the colour scheme. Light colour walls often make the room look large and open, but dark walls with light trim can also have the same effect. Large windows and mirrors also make a room feel larger.

Lighting alters the look of a room. This can sometimes be a matter of altering the lightbulbs. At other times we need to replace the lights. A bright, daylight lighting scheme can make the office seem lively and professional.

Have furniture and accessories that suit the colours, scheme, or vice-versa. In some cases (like the computer and the TV Screen) we have no choice about the colour. So we might choose the rest of the room’s colours to match the accessories.


Office Painters Sydney

The right colour scheme for the office will impress clients and boost employee morale. We give professional painting results.


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