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Many of us have a few old cans of paint in the garage or garden shed. these are often left over from when the house has last painted. These can be handy to have if we have to paint over a stain. But paint will have an expiry date. And even if the paint hasn’t expired there maybe problems if we try to use it.

Paint will start to dry out if there is any air in the can. This might mean the paint becomes thick, which makes it hard to use. Or it might mean the paint becomes solid, which means it cannot be used at all.

If the old paint is thick we can often use some thinning agent to restore it. house paint may be thinned out with clean water. Mineral paints can be thinned out with turps or paint thinner.

Some paint, especially in large tubs, may have dust on them, or dust on the surface. else, the some of the paint may may have partially died out, making it gritty. This paint might still be salvageable with some filtering.

Hardware stores have paint filter bags that can be used to remove grit and many contaminants from paint. These can only be used once, but they are quite cheap. And they are fine if you just need to get some clean paint to touch up the walls.

An often overlooked problem is that the paint already on the walls may have faded over time. So any further paint that we apply may not quite match the faded colour. This is far less of a problem with modern interior paint, which largely resists fading. But it may be noticeable on exterior paint.

Some thickened paint can be resurrected with thinner
Paint can be put through a strainer bad to remove grit.
It is often best to buy some new paint. The old can will indicate the brand and colour of the new paint.
Alternately, buy a sample pot of paint for touch-up work.
Old paint must be disposed of correctly. Ask the local council or the hardware store about the correct way to dispose of paint in your area.

Paint that is well sealed may last up to ten years if stored in cool, dry conditions. after this it is probably unusable. It is best to buy new paint rather than risk ruining your walls with a poor pigment that is off colour or gritty.

House Painters Sydney

If the interior walls are showing signs of wear then consider a complete repaint. A professional will get results that look great for years to come.


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