Painting Mistakes To Avoid

Any experienced house painters in Sydney will tell you that planning and preparation are important. If we don’t prepare the room correctly, if we don’t have the right materials, we probably end up with disappointing results. Good preparation is half the job.

If we do some research we can prepare a house painting job properly, and avoid almost all mistakes. This ends up being a better method for achieving the best results.

Some Common Mistakes to Avoid

Rushing or avoiding Preparation Time

We might be enthusiastic and really want to see that freshly painted room. But we will only get good results if we paint on clean and neatly repaired walls.

  • Carefully fill any dents or cracks in the wall with filler/putty. Then sand the surface flat. It will take a day or two for the filling compound to set.
  • Then clean the walls with sugar soap, to remove any grease. This allows the paint to bond correctly to the walls. Any areas with stubborn grease, perhaps near a stove or fireplace, or sticky residue, can be cleaned with acetone or De-Solve-It.
  • If there are stains on the wall, then paint over them with primer, so they don’t show through the final paint.
    Complete vacuum the walls just before you paint, to remove any dust.

Find Good Quality Paint

Find a paint that has the right sheen (Matt or Eggshell for most walls, perhaps Gloss for trim). And look for something that is stain resistant. This means a paint job that lasts for years with little issue.

Use Good Brushes and Rollers

The best paint will be ruined if we don’t have a decent brush. Invest in at least one good brush, which will last for years if we clean it properly.

Tape the Edges

Use house painter’s tape to mask the edges of the walls. Do this in advance. Use a scraper or putty knife to flatten the tape against the wall surface, and remove any air bubbles. This will give much neater edges to the paint.


A new wall will need a primer, or the paint will soak into the surface. It is often a good idea to apply primer to a previously painted wall. A wall that has Matt/Eggshell paint can be repainted with no difficulty, but a wall that is already covered with glossy paint will need either primer or a slightly roughened surface as new paint will not bond to a smooth glossy finish. A tinted primer is a good option. The primer is tinted to almost match the final colour.

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