Painting Terms

Painting Terms

Painting Terms

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There are a lot of details and a lot of technical terms behind any profession. If we want to go anywhere beyond the most basic level then we should familiarize ourselves. Familiarizing ourselves with painting terms will show us new possibilities beyond plain matt plain on our bedroom walls.

Paint Finish:

        Gloss level: High gloss – Super shiny paint, which is stain resistant and easy to clean

        Matt –A smooth flat finish, traditionally popular for the last generation, which hides imperfections.

        Semi-gloss – between matt and high gloss

        Eggshell – a matt finish that is also easy to clean. Fast becoming the most popular choice.


Paint types: 

         Acrylic – Water based paint (easy to clean up afterwards) that is quick drying. Used I most interior painting.

         Enamel – A hard, smooth finish paint. Previously these were oil based, but water based varieties are now possible.

         Ceiling white – A matt paint that hides imperfections. A thicker formula that prevents dripping from the ceiling.



        Undercoat– this gives a wall the right surface for the paint to bind properly. Different undercoats are used for plaster, gyprock, wood, metal, concrete…etc.

        Binder – an undercoat used for powdery surfaces.

        Sealer – an undercoat for porous surfaces. These prevent the final paint from soaking into the surface

        Stain blocker – used to cover any areas damaged by water, mould, smoke or other stains, this prevent the stain from showing through the final paint.



       Brushes: Most paintwork uses a brush for at least part of the surface. Even with roller painting a brush is used for the edges. Brushes come in different sizes and with straight or angled bristles.
       Rollers – uses for painting large surfaces like walls. The depth of the roller material (called the nap) affects the finish and the amount of paint held. Short nap is better for glossy finishes.
        Paint pad – a flat painting surface on a handle, used for edges on interior painting walls.


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The home looks best with good décor. And décor starts with quality paintwork. Home painting is a large project, so let professionals achieve the best results.


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