Painting the Ceiling

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Painting the ceiling is a somewhat different matter to regular wall painting. Painters will use slightly different equipment and prepare the room differently. They will also use a ladder or extension pole in to enable them to reach high enough.

  • Over the floor with drop sheets, either plastic or canvas.
  • Use a long handle broom or vacuum to remove all dust from the ceiling.
  • If there is any damage to the ceiling, which is rare, have this repaired.
  • If there is any sign of grease or oil on the ceiling clean this with sugar soap of a citrus cleaner like De-Solve-It. Ceiling areas in kitchens or over fireplaces can often have problems with grease.
  • If the ceiling has not been painted before then it will need a coat of primer.
  • If there is any discolouration on the ceiling it should be painted over with primer.
  • Paint the edges of the ceiling with a brush. You will need to use a ladder to reach this high.
  • Use a roller on an extension pole to paint the rest of the ceiling between the edges.

Rollers for Ceiling Painting.

The rollers used for ceilings are often different to other paint rollers. A thicker nap on the roller (the thickness of the material that holds the paint) allows more paint to be applied each time the roller is used. The roller is often wider, again allowing more paint to be applied. Obviously the roller must attach to the extension pole.

Ceilings are almost always painted with matt finish paint. This prevent unwanted light reflections and hides smaller imperfections. Many hardware stores have paint designed to sue on the ceiling. Not only is this matt finish, it minimizes paint splatter.

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Ceilings are not painted as often as other areas of the family home as they suffer less wear and tear. But a good paint job on the ceiling complements the rest of the d├ęcor, and can make the room seem a little more open and pleasant.

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