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Polished Paint

House Painting Sydney

Occasionally we might want a very glossy paint finish on a item. While most interior walls are painted with a matt finish, occasionally gloss finish in bathrooms and kitchens, we might want a smaller item, like a railing, picture frame on knickknack, to have a highly glossy finish.

We can give an item a glossy finish, a little like the type you would find on a fine piano or electric guitar, by using polished paint and a clear glossy coat.


  1. Use a hard enamel paint in the colour that you want.
  2. Sand and prepare the surface.
  3. Apply a neutral undercoat.
  4. Apply the enamel very smoothly. Thin it out slightly to give a smoother finish.
  5. As each coat dries apply another. Apply at least three coats
  6. Wait a few days so the surface is completely dry, then use a cutting compound, the type used on car paint, to lightly roughen the surface.
  7. Clean and dry the surface. Then spray a clear gloss finish. Keep this very thin, you can always apply a second coat after.
  8. When it is dry you will have a mirror finish on the object.

House Painters Sydney

There are many different surfaces and situations for painting the home. Have the professionals look after your painting, for the best results.

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