Preparing for Exterior Painting

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Before you Call House Painters

If the home needs painting we should try and wait for good weather, though we understand this is a little hard to predict. Before this, we should look at preparing the home’s surfaces for painting.

Preparation for House Painting

For paint to bond to any surface that surface must be clean. If there is grease, oil, or even soap on the area we paint, then the paint will soon blister and possibly flake off. If there is dirt on the surface then that dirt will get stuck in the final paint, and look terrible. Painting on even a slightly unclean surface will ruin the results. This almost always means removing the wasted paint and doing the whole thing all over again, which takes more time and money.

We can clean most exterior house surfaces with warm soapy water. Remember to hose the soap off when you finish. Sugar soap will remove most general grease and oil from surfaces. If you have any areas infected with mould, then wash them with bleach. Look at using an anti-mould undercoat/primer on these areas to prevent future issues.

Sanding and Filling

A home in perfect condition will just need painting. But things are never completely perfect, so there will almost always be a few dents and cracks that could be filled. And there will be painted surfaces that could do with some sanding to remove the rough spots. Always sand surfaces that are peeling and cracking.

Use a body filler to fill any holes and cracks in the house exterior. Then sand this flat when it has set.
Use a caulking gun to fill gaps around windows and doors.

Primer Before Painting

A layer of primer will give a much better end result when painting. This is essential for the first layer of paint because we cannot really paint on raw timber. But it also helps give better results on repainting, especially if we are repainting in a new colour. Primer will cover up the differences in surface colour, where we have applied filler, for example. So the end result looks consistent. Tinted primer, which is similar to the final colour, is a good option.

Ask Professional Painters for Advice

Thorough preparation means better end results. Call the professional for house painting to be proud of.


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