Precautions when Painting Houses in Sydney

Paints are synthetic and contain chemicals. Some of these chemicals are released into the air as the paint dries. Modern paints contain and release less chemical smell than paints of a few generations ago, but the small amount of chemical vapour released is best avoided.

The smell of fresh paint is due to the release of VOCs, Volatile Organic Chemicals. The best-known of these chemicals is formaldehyde. Formaldehyde is present in small amounts in many manufactured goods, from clothes and furniture to carpets and car interiors.  It is a health risk and tends to aggravate allergies, especially with breathing or eyesight. It is best to wait for this chemical smell to dissipate before habiting a room.

Follow these points to help detox a Room after it has been painted, or recently re-carpeted

  • Open windows and doors to ventilate the room. Use some fans.
  • Air filters or air purifiers, especially with HEPA filters, will clean the air quite quickly. It is a good idea to use these on a regular basis.
  • Cover the floor with Bicarbonate of Soda, which absorbs a lot of chemical smells. This is especially good on new carpets, but it helps with paint to a small degree.
  • Open containers of water with sliced lemon will soak up a lot of chemical smell. Some people also add some salt.  Leave the container of water/lemon around the room for several days after painting, then dispose of them.
  • Sliced onion also soaks up chemical smells.
  • Bicarbonate of Soda absorbs a lot of chemical smells. This is especially good on the new carpet.
  • The charcoal will absorb odours, though it is a nightmare to clean up if it spills.
  • Keeping some indoor plants around will help clean the air. This is a good long-term practice. Search the net for the plants most effective for cleaning the air. The only disadvantage is that indoor plants will raise the humidity slightly.
  • Newborn children and pregnant women should never be exposed to paint or recently painted rooms. Some paint chemicals are linked to birth defects.

Professional House Painters in Sydney like Oppa Painting Sydney ensure the best possible results. The use of paints such as ENviro02 virtually eliminates any harmful chemical vapours. Ask our team for more information!


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