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Professional House Painting Sydney

It is not too hard to paint a room. But as with many things the difficulty is in the details. If we want a really great result with the repainting then we need a professional approach. Part of this is choosing the right decor colours, but good technique makes all the difference.

House Painting Sydney Advice

Invest in quality equipment

Good brushes and rollers last for much longer than the cheap alternatives, and won’t leave bristles, fuzz, or marks in the paint. An extension pole, a good safety step, and other equipment are useful and will last for years.

Prepare well

Preparation makes all the difference. Remove all the small furnishings from the room, and completely cover anything too large to move with plastic sheets or tarps. Remove hooks, painting, and mirrors from the walls. Cover electrical switches with masking tape.

Protect the floor

Use cloth tarps to cover the floor. Some people use plastic sheets, but tarps are reusable and soak up some of the spills.


If there is any damage on the walls it needs to be repaired. Use filler on holes and dents, and then sand the area flat to the wall. Paint over the repair with primer, to give more even results.


Walls will accumulate grease and other contaminants. Use sugar soap to clean the entire surface of the wall. You might need to use something stronger like turpentine or De-solve-it on difficult grease.


Use a brush to paint the edges of the entire room. This is tricky, but a neat edge makes all the difference. Cutting in, the technique used for the edges means using a brush with minimal paint on the edges, coming in from the side.


Use a roller with a reasonably deep nap (the depth of the fabric) to paint the main part of the wall. Do this when the paint on the edges has dried. Use a ‘W’ shape when painting. Do a one-meter square area at a time, then do the adjacent area.

House Painting Sydney

Professional painting makes all the difference. Give your home the paint renovation that brings it to its potential.


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