Revitalise Your Furniture for a Cohesive Home Decor

At OPPA Painting, we recognise that furniture plays a crucial role in the overall decor of your Sydney home. Alongside wall paint and flooring, it contributes to the room’s aesthetic harmony. Whether it’s restoring old furniture or repurposing garage sale finds, painting furniture can be a game-changer.

Professional Furniture Painting Techniques

Restoration to New

Bringing old furniture back to life with a fresh, painted finish can be challenging but achievable with our professional techniques and high-quality materials.

Classic Woodgrain Replication

Our skilled painters can create a faux woodgrain effect on wooden furniture by layering contrasting paint colors and employing specialized graining tools. This technique can transform basic wood pieces into elegant, timber-like furniture.

Embrace the Charm of Distressed Furniture

For those who prefer a more vintage or rustic look, distressed paintwork offers an appealing alternative. This style, perfect for various decor themes, involves strategically sanding back paint or using semi-transparent paints to reveal the underlying material.

Enhance with Gold Leaf and Chalk Paint

Adding gold leaf trims to distressed furniture can introduce a luxurious touch, while chalk paint, known for its matte, plaster-like finish, is ideal for creating a soft, pastel aesthetic.

Sydney’s House Painting and Decor Experts

When planning a home redecoration in Sydney, it’s essential to consider how each element – from furniture to wall paint – complements each other. At OPPA Painting, we’re here to help you find a harmonious and appealing decor style for your home. Reach out to us for professional advice on house painting and furniture restoration, and let’s create a space that truly reflects your taste and personality.


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