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Many of us have at least one room in the house that we would like to renovate. But renovations can be pricey, not to mention time consuming. So we look for a way to get good results on a budget.

The most obvious way to make a significant yet moderately priced change in a room is to repaint. This usually only takes a day or two, but the results can be quite profound. Choose the right colour, and add a few details, and the room can be effectively renovated at minimal cost.


Adhesive tiles

These are the super fast and easy ways to add tiles to walls. There is no grout, cement or heavy tools involved – just stick the tile sheets in place and trim at the edges.

Find tiles and a paint colour that complement each-other, and you can renovate a room in a day or two.

Cupboard handles.

Add some nice brass of gold handles to kitchen cabinets. Combined with a neat paint job these make the accessories look like new.

Handles can often be replaced with just the aid of a screwdriver.

Add Some shelves

Shelves with a few knickknacks and photo make a room look open yet still interestingly decorated. It is easy to add a few shelves as long as they do not have to support much weight. Shelves and supports are available at hardware stores.


A bright room almost always look better. And the colour of the light also make a big difference.

There are lightbulbs and light systems that give a bright daylight effect, or a soft candle feel to a room. Some systems allow both.


Replace the curtains/drape with a new colour that matches the room. coordinate with the new paint scheme.


Floor Matt and Rugs

Replacing the floor is too expensive. But we can add a coloured rug and change the look of the room for very little cost.


House Painters Sydney

‌‌Painting is something we should leave to the professionals. Homeowners underestimate the time involved, and often are disappointed if they attempt the painting themselves. Have a professional house painter look after the painting, then add the room features that make and enhance the new decor.



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