Sanding Before House Painting

Most interior painting is done on plaster or Gyprock walls. Given some good quality primer, and perhaps some repair work for dents and holes, this wall painting is fairly straightforward. But there are often a few other surfaces in the home that also need paint, and these require some different techniques.

House Painting woodwork is different from painting interior walls. At the very least woodwork will require a different primer to Gyprock walls for the paint to adhere properly. And if the woodwork is being repainted the surface will probably need to be sanded.

Sanding will give woodwork a flat surface that is slightly rough, ideal for repainting. This is best done with electric sanding equipment, as sanding by hand is labor-intensive and time-consuming.

There are a few different types of electric sander available, all of which suit different purposes for your house painting finish.

Orbital Sanders

These are available in several sizes, designed for larger surfaces like timber floors or moderate-sized surfaces like doors and tabletops. A medium-sized orbital sander is sometimes used in house painting when we want to prepare a door or perhaps a few timber stairs. Occasionally we might use a large orbital sander for a floor, but this is rare.

Detail Sanders

These are small hand held sanders that are ideal for window frames, doors, or perhaps a banister and staircase. They remove old paint quite quickly, and can be used to flatten out repairs made on timber.

Use a detail sander with a vacuum function that collects the sawdust/old paint in a bag; this greatly reduces the dust produced by sanding. We need to be rid of this dust before painting as it can easily get into new paint and completely ruin the finish.

Sanding Timber

If the surface is uneven we should use a sander with 80 grit sandpaper to get the surface level. Then we should use finer sandpaper, say 120 grit, to give a slightly rough surface for the new paint to adhere to.

Preparation makes all the difference for House painting. Sanding and primer give an ideal surface for new paintwork on our houses.


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