Secrets of the Professional Painters

The internal walls of your house will get the best possible paint job if you know a few tricks. Many of these are fairly straightforward, but they do require some consistent effort. Yet they are very effective.

  • Sand away flaws. Some restoration work requires more sanding than painting. But the sanding removes ridges, filler marks and other abnormalities that pain will never hide.
  • Completely de-grease the walls so that the paint bonds well.
  • Use a really good brush. Soft bristles will leave a smoother finish.
  • Move furniture out or cover it with plastic sheeting.
  • Use a tinted primer. If the primer is a similar colour to the final paint the result will look better, and you will only need one coat of colour.
  • Always use primer over any filler on the wall. The filler used for joints and gaps has a different texture to the gyprock, and this will show through the final paint. Primer will provide a much neater finish.
  • Use tape for neat edges, and press it into place with a putty knife.
  • Use a paint conditioner to get a smoother finish in non-oil-based paints. Floetrol is one common brand of paint conditioner.
  • The joint between textured surfaces (like cement) and smooth walls is an issue; it has traditionally been hard to get a neat, straight joint line; the brush will not run smoothly in the line against the textured surface.
    Use a screwdriver to remove the rough surface and neat the line. The paint joint will be smoother.
  • Canvas drop cloths are the best option. You do not have to cover the whole floor, just the area where you are painting.
  • Do one wall at a time. Do the edges, then use a roller on the main surface.
  • If you need to paint a large area mix several paint tins together. This will remove the colour difference between different tins.
  • Wash any paint rollers, to remove any loose material.
  • Remove light switches and electrical sockets.

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Professional painting gives the best results for your home. It’s worth hiring the professional painters.


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