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House Painting Sydney

Exterior House Painting Sydney

Exterior paintwork serves two functions. One is to make the home look good, a cosmetic consideration. The other, at least for timber homes, is to protect the building from damage. This is not to be underestimated. A home’s exterior is exposed to the elements, the rain and the summer sun. Bare timber will suffer badly if it is not protected by paintwork and waterproofing.

There are signs that the home’s exterior will need new paintwork. We should not overlook this. It is bad for the home’s upkeep if the paint is not offering enough protection. It is also a little depressing to live in a home that looks worse for wear.

Peeling or cracked paint – This is the most obvious sign, and a strong indication of either water damage or paint that is just too old to do its job. If the paintwork is coming off there will be a risk of mould, water damage or dry rot.

Cracks in the caulk – Caulk seal the spaces in joints, so it is an important element in waterproofing the house. Good caulking is slightly elastic, so it tolerates expansion and contration in the heat and cold. Old caulk has become hard, and will be prone to cracking. This means it is no longer watertight. By this point the paint will also be getting a little too old, so both caulking and the paintwork will need to be redone.

Fading Paint – In the Australian climate, which is mostly hot and dry, paint will tend to fade rather than suffer moisture damage. This will be worse in areas that receive no shade. If you notice the fading, which may difficult if it has crept up on us slowly, then you probably need a repaint. If there is a noticeable difference between the shaded areas and the rest of the home, then the paint really has faded.

Lighter colour paint will show less fading than dark colours. But even if the fading is less noticeable the paint is getting old.

Shrinking timber – If there are gaps between timber boards than there has been shrinkage. New paint will offer a fair amount of protection against this shrinkage. But if the gaps are already there they will need to be sealed or repaired before a repainting.

Colour choice – This is less an issue for the past generation, because while modern fashions do change every few years most of us don’t mind last seasons colours. But more than a few decades ago the fashions were very different, with people often favouring a glossy chocolate brown décor. This might look very dated by today’s standard, and perhaps a little drab. Consider pastel colours in a matt finish.

Selling – if we want the best asking price for a home we need to make it look as good as possible. A coat of paint, with a décor that suits the home and environment, can easily make the home look ten years younger than it actually is. This greatly adds to the appeal.

We recommend you look at the guttering and roof. Like the painting, these will need occasional replacing.

Interior House Painting Sydney

Interior paint is quite different to exterior paint. It does not need to stand up to the Sun and changing weather. But it will suffer from greasy handprints, cooking fumes, some cleaning products and the occasional accidents that wear it out over time.

Is there water damage? This is more common in bathroom and kitchens, but any room can suffer from a leaking roof or damaged plumbing. Find and fix the cause of the damage first, and the look at repainting.

Are the children grown up? Then you might look at repainting there rooms. There are probably more than a few sticky fingerprint and other damage form when they were toddlers. Adults, even teenagers, rarely cause this type of damage.

Sunlight can occasionally affect some indoor paintwork. Look for areas near the sliding doors or large windows. We can prevent further damage with UV film on the windows, or just with some decent curtains.

Décor changes – Did you have hooks on the wall, or some other furnishing that drilled into the wall. We can fill these and repaint to make the walls look like new.

Our House Painting Sydney Service is about keeping the home pristine. We spend more of our lives at home than anywhere else. It makes sense to keep the home looking good. We feel better in pleasant surroundings. Look at repainting, and perhaps some curtains and furnishings, to make the home look the best it can be.

House Painting Sydney

Does the home need a repainting, or perhaps you just want a change of décor. Our professional painters get the best results.


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