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House Painting Sydney

Almost all interior room paint is done with a brush and roller. But spray painting is used for some smaller items, and for some larger furnishings. It is a useful method in some situations, giving a smooth finish if applied with some basic skills.

Spray painting might be used for furniture, musical instruments, shelves, railings, frames, wicker chairs, baskets, metal frames and it can also be used on the back of glass to create a mirror.

Professionals and some serious hobbyists will use an air gun and compressor for spray painting, but this is expensive equipment. This is the type of spray painting used for cars and grand pianos. Most home spray painting uses aerosol cans, which are effective for small projects.

Aerosol spray paint will work well for many surfaces, as long as that surface is well prepared and the right primer is used. It is common to paint timber, metal, plastic, and also ceramics and glass under some circumstances.

Spray painting small projects.

Spray paint will give off fumes, more than any other paints. It is important to always use a face mask. We also recommend eye protection. Always paint in a well ventilated area- outdoors if possible.

Completely clean the area to be painted. Wipe down the surface with a rag and solvent.
If necessary, sand the surface flat to remove any unevenness.
Use a primer on the surface to get the best results. There are primers specifically for timber, metal or other surfaces.
Cover any area that is not to be painted with masking tape or painters tape.
Shake the spray can for a complete minute just before use.
Spray the surface with light stokes, with the can held at least 20cm from the surface. each pass should slightly overlap the previous pass. Apply a thin coat of paint because thick coats tend to run and drip.
Wait till the paint it touch dry (the drying time should be on the product), and then apply a second coat. if necessary, add a third coat when the second coat is touch dry.
After finishing each coat you should clean the spray nozzle by holding the can upside down and spraying till only air comes out.
When the surface is dry you might apply a clear protective coat. Use the same spray procedure. A clear glassy coat often works best if the paint underneath has a Matt finish.

House Painting Sydney

Spray painting is fine for many items in the home which are part of the decor. Most internal painting for walls and ceiling is done with traditional brush and roller techniques.




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