Strata painting Sydney

Strata Painting Sydney

Strata Painting Sydney

It is a wise decision and easier to paint a building before the ceiling edges and cornicing’s are installed. If these fixtures are put on after the walls are painted they cover all the joints at the ceiling and floor.

Owners of apartments and strata complexes must arrange for painting work before the building has its final cornicing installed. This both makes the painting easier and allows for more painting alternatives.

Owners of apartments and strata complexes love to chat about strata painting Sydney. Why not, painting is a delicate job and if done properly it will contribute much to the betterment of every apartment and complex.

Home and Strata Painting Sydney

Sit down and discuss over coffee with the painting experts pertaining to what is best for your home or strata complex. Eggshell finish works well on most rooms, where as kitchens and bathrooms may benefit from gloss paint and its added stain resistance.

We collaborate closely with strata managers, property managers, owner’s corporations and executive committees to produce outstanding results and we make sure minimal distractions concerning tenants and residents’ schedule. We have many, many years of experience painting strata buildings whether they are large and small. This includes exteriors and interiors, foyers, stairwells and common areas.

Our strata painters are experts, professionals, and efficient. They can tailor a programmed maintenance schedule to keep your building well maintained year-round. We have all the equipment to paint high-rise buildings including swing stages, scaffolds and boom lifts. We are also experts at removing graffiti if required

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