Painting Corners in House Painting

With many things, the difficulty is in the detail. One of the difficult details in painting is the corners. Both convex and concave corners require a little skill if they are to be painted satisfactorily. Concave corners exist in every room. The edge where an internal wall meets the ceiling is one example of a concave corner. Most of the other walls in a room meet in this same fashion, usually at a 90-degree angle.

A concave corner cannot be reached with a paint roller. Instead, these corner edges are usually painted with a small to medium brush. If the paint does not show any difference in texture between the roller section and the brush section, if there are no visible brush marks, then the results can look quite good. Problems can occur if the roller paint is deliberately textured. It is hard to reproduce this texture with a brush.

A convex corner is the opposite type of edge to a concave corner. Think of the outside edges of a box – these are convex corners.

Convex corners will usually occur in a few parts of a house or office. They are common on cupboards, stalls, and around stairways. The only issue they might present is a sharp edge. If the edge of a convex corner is too sharp the paint will not bond well. It will tend to either not stay on the thin edge surface or be prone to later rubbing off. The best way to deal with this is to have rounded corners. The internal plaster or woodwork in a house should already have rounded edges. Otherwise, edges can be rounded with a sanding block or routing tool.

It is easier to paint a building before the ceiling edges and cornices are installed. If these fixtures are put on after the walls are painted they cover all the joints at the ceiling and floor.

Owners of apartment and strata complexes should arrange professional House Painting in Sydney before the building has its final cornices installed. This both makes the painting easier and allows for a few more painting options. Oppa Painting Syndey can do the right job you need. Make an inquiry for your House Painting in Sydney today!


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