The Effect of Wall Colours in Your Room

It is perhaps the most basic question when we decided to paint or repaint a room. But as with many basic questions, we need to get it right. If we don’t like the colour of the walls, then we won’t really like the room.

Colours will affect our mood, to at least some extent. So will the overall decor of the room. Oppa Painting Sydney can help you choose the right colour to create an environment that suits you.

Here are some colour options for your room

Light Blue

We tend to associate this with cloudless skies and beach vacations. This works for the living room and bedrooms, giving a calm effect.

Red and Orange

These are vibrant, bold, and stimulating. It is great for living space, Dining rooms, and Sunrooms. But too much can be overbearing. Probably not ideal for children’s playrooms or bedrooms.

Try painting a single wall a bold red or orange colour, leaving the other walls and decor white.


Quite the opposite effect of red, pink will feel calm. This works for bedrooms. Always popular with girls and young children, but is now increasingly used elsewhere.


This is the cleanest and spacious colour, though it can be boring and sterile on its own. But its great advantage is that it provides a neutral background for decorations, like art and pictures on the wall. It will also match almost any furnishings. Go for white if you intend to periodically change the decor.


This has an outdoor, back-to-nature calmness. Light to medium green works well and can feel spacious. Dark and drab green look rather old-fashioned and perhaps cramped. Try to match this with white walls or perhaps dark timber furniture.

The right colour scheme can transform the interior of any home or office. Call the professional House painters in Sydney for the best advice and the best painting results.


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